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#30daysofdresses – day 30

A little late, but better than never.

Wore this cuteness on my work trip in Boston last week. And that about wraps up #30daysofdresses.

You can see all 30 days here.

It was an interesting way to blog a month. I learned a few things:

1. I choose outfits based on my feelings – either how I am feeling or how I want to feel that day. Having a pre-determined outfit that I have to wear never makes me feel good.

2. Wearing dresses is fun when it’s a choice. So glad I was born in the 1980s and not the 1680s.

3. My personal style hasn’t evolved so much in the last 2 years, as I’ve gained clarity about why I wear the clothes I wear.

4. 30 day challenges are not for me. 2 weeks, tops.

5. Blogging every day is fun and this challenge made me think about having an editorial calendar again… we’ll see.

6. I am not cut out to be a life-style blogger.

Busy, Simple Boston Trip

Another trip to Boston for work is in the books.

This trip was quick and dirty – flew in on Monday after the weekend in Joshua Tree and seeing Jimmy Eat World again – worked all the hours Tuesday through Thursday, and flew home Thursday night.

Glad I went to sit in on a few important meetings, connect with colleagues and bounce ideas around. It was gray, dark and chilly – it poured the last day.

Highlight was getting to meet Lindsey of A Design So Vast in person – yay for meeting people from the Internet. She was just as engaging, kind and thoughtful as her writing portrays her to be. So thankful she made the time for me.

I broke out the puffy coat for the cold, did HIIT exercises in my hotel room, tramped around in my new maroon boots, and made sure I ate a bagel with lox. I consumed many chai lattes, didn’t drink too much this time and ate seared Ahi tuna steaks at more than one meal. I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for a glazed donut and hot tea, sipped french onion soup and spoke to 5 student groups. I had dinner with one of my best friends and heard about her wedding plans and hung out with her puppy for a few minutes. I got to hug my two favorite colleagues. I had deep conversations with people I consider mentors and friends.

My flights felt long, but were as easy as flying across the country can get.

I stayed up too late and didn’t get enough sleep.

Once student event had a small number of people show up and my presentation wasn’t working – so I decided to improvise. The the fire alarm went off, forcing us to change locations. Somehow, we all reconvened and the students who stuck around said they really enjoyed the entire event. Proud of myself for going with the flow.

And lastly, when I tried to catch a cab in the rain to the airport, there were no cabs to be found. A women, my age or younger, was also waiting. She said she was going to call an Uber and that I could tag along with her. I didn’t get her name or info but I’d like to send her a thank you for that ride – which was quick, warm and got me to the airport with plenty of time.

Life is so simple and easy at times, just going with the flow.

Flew to Boston yesterday. Flight was on time, middle seat was open, window view was spectacular, headphone jack and TV channels worked. Watched Guardians Of The Galaxy for free. Drank tons of water and my lips are still completely chapped. Headache once I was back down on Earth, but the flight was as good as it could be.

Working this week Tuesday-Thursday in Boston – packed schedule.

Went from a back-country overnight camping trip in Joshua Tree, to being up in the clouds, to urban busyness.

Life is so odd sometimes.

I want to share our Halloween with you, the JTree trip and seeing Jimmy Eat World again – but the weekend was so packed, I didn’t get much sleep. And being on a 3-hours-ahead time zone can really wreck a person… so I’ll check in and tell those stories to you soon.

In the meantime, I love listening to Joni Mitchell’s album Blue when I’m flying.

“Sometimes I think love is just mythical”

Climbing A Quarry









As part of my 30 at 30 list (which I titled My Big Three Oh List) I put “rock climb outdoors”. I haven’t written about it a ton here, but since H and I took a rock climbing class in February, I’m hooked. He bought me a harness for my birthday and I picked up a pair of shoes on discount. Besides the craziness that was April, we’ve gone to the rock climbing gym about 2x per week.

We only know a few people who rock climb outdoors here in LA, and most are men. I have no problems climbing with men (H is a fantastic person to climb with for me personally b/c I trust him, obvi) but there are certain ways of approaching a route that I go after that a guy may not understand. For example, I am only 5 ft tall and therefore have to rely on my flexibility over my actual wing-span to reach certain holds.

It’s important to me that I climb right – I don’t want to pick up bad habits that will prevent growth in skill as I progress. I focus on balance, flexibility and core strength. On routes, technique and intuition guide me.

And now that I’m learning how I learn, instead of just expecting to be good at something immediately, I attention to the skills I want to acquire and mak sure I don’t try to climb routes that are so hard, I feel frustrated and want to quit.

Luckily for me, my colleague Arielle LOVES to climb outdoors and she totally relates. She assured me that my gut-feeling about climbing with men was pretty spot on (again, they’re not being mean, they just don’t have the same body types) and that she would be more than happy to take me out some day.

It just so happened that I flew to Boston for work in April and could come in a day early to go climbing with her!

We went to Quincy Quarries on a gorgeous almost-spring Sunday afternoon. Now an LA native, I was surprised by how bare the trees were still, and a lot of the ground was muddy from recent rain and thaw. There were lots of groups out, clustered around ropes and routes, enjoying the sun and park.

Arielle had all of the gear we needed (including a helmet with a pony-tail space – how cool?) and was confident I could climb a route or two on a wall near the water. She hiked up a wall of boulders, set our anchor and ropes, and we were ready to climb.

Everyone said I would be addicted to outdoor climbing as soon as I tried it – but to be honest, that didn’t happen. It felt like such a different experience that I couldn’t really compare it to climbing at a gym. It felt more relax / less competitive than at the gym. People were laughing, sitting around, a little pup (pictured above) was in and out of the water with a tennis ball. Arielle would try a route and be up there much longer than H & I would be on the wall at the gym, but it was cool – all fun and no stress.

She climbed a route first so I could copy her – and it was awesome to see her climb. There is nothing short of exuberance on this girl’s face when she is outdoors. And she’s super encouraging. When I was climbing, she would suggest good next moves, encourage me to keep going, and just seemed super joyful to be sharing the afternoon with me.

I completed one route and attempted another. We ended up running out of daylight, which was a bummer, because I felt I could’ve stayed there all day. I hope to climb outdoors here in LA soon and to go out with Arielle again on my next trip east.

The whole afternoon felt pretty magical, even surreal, as I was outside in chilly weather, with a colleague (we don’t normally get time as friends, even tho we totally are), CLIMBING a QUARRY WALL. Pretty rad. Can’t wait to do it again.

Special thanks to Arielle who, by the way, just returned from a ladies climbing trip to Moab (!!), which just seems insane to me – she’s pretty bad-ass. She recommends you check out her hero, Steph Davis.





Boston Summer

Returned from Boston last Thursday evening, after a very pleasant JetBlue flight. The trip felt long, probably b/c I was visiting friends the weekend before I worked. And I never seemed to switch time zones, so extreme sleepiness would hit around 3pm each day, and then I’d feel wired around 11pm.

This trip feels too big to write about (though not much happened). I’m going to steal a template from Amy Tangerine to see if I can cover it all…

Digging: Boston in the summer, a run along the Charles river, staying at a friends house (house!), getting to dance to Tom Boates Everybody, traveling alone, using said friend’s Keurig, daily workouts (even if they were short), seeing friends, and walking back to the hotel along my old “commute” that I took from my South End apartment to college.

Not digging: the culture of my workplace. There are some really cool people and then some not-so-cool people. Turbulence on the flight home. Humidity.

Drinking: a delish white wine, 5 cucumber collins (it was a long night), soda, gross well vodka drinks, tea,  sangria, lattes and chai. And probably not enough water.

Eating: bacon-wrapped figs, a bucket of mussels, catered food for work meetings, a bagel with lox, chinese food, an entire order of nachos myself, sushi and salad.

Watching: I was bad and watched a marathon of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on the plane ride home. Plus the movie The Ant Bully. Neither were great, but at least it made the flight feel fast.

Wearing: all of the cute dresses I own now from being styled, plus a new one that I love.

Reading: Made To Stick (for work)

Feeling: overwhelmed, wired but tired, good overall. Nostalgic, but also so happy that we live in LA.

Weather: 80s, humidity and general mugginess. Felt like I was underwater the last day. Definitely August on the east coast.

Wanting: to spend more time with my awesome coworkers and a girlfriend who is moving to Chicago.

Needing: sleep! I experienced some manic jet-lag and hardly slept the entire trip.

Thinking: my new boss could be the best thing to happen to my department in a long while. I want to create cleaning and meal plans for the apartment.

Wishing: it wasn’t back-to-school so soon. That H and I could visit Boston together.

Hoping: it’s nice, crisp fall weather on my next work trip. And that my new boss ends up rocking the house.

Enjoying: spending time with my good friend, who moved from LA back in December. Just getting time to chat with her, napping pool-side in the sun and dancing all night with her was awesome.

Loving: how my friend’s pup put her little paw on me, like she didn’t want me to leave. Recording video footage with a coworker and our dynamic duo performance. The entire day of Public Narrative workshop.

The workshop was, by far, the highlight of the work aspect of my trip. All of my non-work time was just phenomenal – I’m lucky I get to hang out with such awesome people.

day 20: taste (again)


Drinks with my coworkers. They are the best.

– – –

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day 19: white

Back to Boston, for work, staying at my favorite hotel. Today was full of meetings that probably won’t pan out into anything. We hit a bunch of traffic this morning and I never really ate breakfast. Got to have dinner with the friend I visited all weekend (one of my bridesmaids / our wedding planner) and our other college roommate (who officiated the ceremony). Great conversation that went by too quickly. Lots of sushi consumed.

Tomorrow is one big long meeting, as is Wednesday. Not really looking forward to it at all. I figure I’ll just show up, be myself and see how things go. And pray there’s an endless supply of tea.

For some reason H thinks it’s a good idea to pursue concrete house-hunting when I’m not physically in Los Angeles. We’ve had our realtor send over an offer, but 8hrs after the fact, I don’t want to print and sign it. In fact, I want a new relator. And to put this whole house thing on hold.

Because of the time change, I can’t discuss any of this with him for another hour, so I’ll just enjoy some Piano Concerti on Pandora and a hot shower in the best hotel ever.

Fingers crossed I get a run in along the Charles tomorrow since I missed the opportunity this evening. 

– – – 

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Seven Day Exercise Challenge

Last weekend, I decided I needed a full week of exercise. Can’t remember when I did this last. Exercise and I have had a love/hate relationship for a while now. Such a pain.

I ordered new shoes, dug up a workout DVD and got to it.

Sunday: Ran 3 miles. Felt good though I could tell my sneakers were shot.
Monday: Level 1, 30-day shred (love love love JM)
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles in my new shoes. Felt much better and ran faster.
Wednesday: So tired, but went with an easy 50min of yoga. Better than nothing.
Thursday: Ran a quick 2 miles, in the afternoon heat, after eating lunch out. Barf.
Friday: Level 1, 30-day shred again, before my flight. Already felt stronger.
Saturday: Ran 3.5 miles with my friend around her neighborhood in MA. She was dehydrated and needed to walk a bunch. B/c of either my previous workouts or her walking breaks, I felt awesome, like I could’ve done 5 miles.

Overall it was a fun challenge. Definitely worth doing and also tracking on Instagram. Grateful H was home all week, and took care of Carter, giving me time to run alone. Also, this ties to the Hello Story class I’m taking with Ali Edwards – these pics will go into my Project Life for the week. And I feel much more motivated to keep going. Hoping to run the Charles River during my Boston stay.


day 18: looking down

Sundays are for staying out until 3am and wolfing down a McDonald’s cheeseburger (pickles included) in the car ride home. Sleeping in until 11am and then lounging some more. Going through my friend’s photo albums, seeing her mom’s wedding photos from the 80s. Drinking two cups of chai latte and almost being convinced H and I need a Keurig. Eating fried eggs sandwiches outside on their back deck, which is so high off the ground, you feel like you’re in a tree house. Walking with friends and their super cute dog Meeka. Going out for chinese food, which included lots of leftovers and lots of driving. Watching the lush greenery of August wiz by in the car windows – and still pining for the fall season. And packing up my bags, leaving their house in the suburbs tomorrow for work in the city.

– – –

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day 16: floral

Made it to my friends’ home in Massachusetts. Their guest room is decorated with my friend’s stuff from her old LA studio apartment. It’s comforting, though odd, to see these pieces in a house 3000 miles away from the last time i saw them. Quite a homey feeling.

Spending the weekend here and then off to a busy week of work in Boston.

– – –

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