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February Is The New January

Coming back, slowly.

When I powered-down for the holidays, I didn’t plan on it being for the entire month of January, but here we are, February 2nd. A whole month of 2015 gone, and almost 8 weeks since my last post.

A lot happened in that time, of course. We had quite the holiday season, the crazy huge annual work event passed (to great success), there’s dreams and schemes jotted down in my notebook, and there is a new incarnation of this site coming to soon.

2014 ended on a low, low note. I didn’t have any energy to make my bed, let alone make 2015 THE BEST YEAR YET as our culture encourages each January 1st (crazy to me, as it’s the dead of winter for most of the country).

The energy I did muster went straight into the 4 days of non-stop work for events, and now that I finally find myself with a clearer calendar (and head), a month has gone by.

Otherwise, I’m hibernating, holding space for myself, taking it slow, slow, slow. I’m reading books, exercising, eating salads again for the first time in months, and making the random friendship bracelet (as seen above).

February is my birthday month, and right now the sun is moving through Aquarius. As far as my astrological new year goes, that’s still a few weeks away, when the sun enters Pisces. So, I am still lying low.

It’s not an issue for me that I plan for 2015 in month #2, or finish up my Unravelling packet this week. Flow taught me that things take time, energy comes and goes, and it really is like catching a wave – paddling out over breakers, wading/waiting, paddling furiously, the water lifting you up, riding the energy, and coming back down for the next set.

I’m thinking of it like February is my new January. Thanks for sticking around.

Two of the Nugget

Here’s two of the little nugget for this hot and windy Saturday here in SoCal. This week was tiring – the first one where I really felt like tucking in for the fall season despite the heat. We didn’t sleep well a few nights. One morning H couldn’t get his alarm to shut off. I made myself exercise, but wasn’t excited for it. And even though I was home every night, I still felt exhausted, like I couldn’t get enough energy to fill my reserves.

Spent the morning making a DIY photo booth background – blatantly copied the one in the link with the crepe paper colors our Party City had in stock. It came out good enough, which in my pursuit of creative play, seems to be the best way to go. It’s not amazing. It’s not perfect. But it’s done.

Headed off to a friend’s 30th birthday / going away party… mostly looking forward to my sister’s Fireball whiskey Jell-O shots.






In the past, I’ve sent Christmas cards.

But last year the wedding took over all of our time and money, and so I sent valentines. Little paper guitars.

And a year later, I’m sending wedding thank yous a few weeks after the holidays. It seemed silly to also send holiday cards, so I didn’t.

Instead, I made these. Little paper Valentine HEDGEHOGS!! I mean, how does one resist this?! I made them last week on my day off, mailed the long distance ones on Friday and the local ones on Tuesday, and all landed safely by today in their receivers’ mailboxes.

It’s been awesome to get messages and texts from people that they arrived and are loved.

Hedgehog valentines FTW.



Therapy After Therapy

Today I went for a little retail therapy (after my traditional therapy appt) at Urbanic Paper Boutique. Definitely spent too much, but it was worth every penny. 5 wonderful people will be getting some sweet mail in the next week, I have two new pens, one new journal, a polka-dot role of washi tape and a sweet smelling candle to burn.

I haven’t spent any money at a paper store since I bought guitar valentine’s back in January (another awful sluggish time), so I don’t feel too bad. Writing encouraging notes to people I love is great self-care too. Give what you’d like to receive.

Sometimes I think my sole (soul) purpose in this life is to reflect people’s light back to them.

It’s important I record these fluctuations so that I can come back and revisit my own guidance for support. I’ve felt great like this before and I’ve felt shitty like I did the past month. Maybe it was Venus in Leo as that planet just shifted yesterday. I kid. Kind of…

Obviously life has ups and downs, but I’m really proud of myself that I worked this knot free on my own. Well, not without help but that I was my own best support, finally, and once that clicked, I felt better.

So, yes, I’m feeling better. Tomorrow’s a very full day with work tasks, meetings and celebrating a friend’s birthday. Hoping the energy release continues.

Did you feel a shift in energy this week? xo