Allowing Myself

…to feel, to love, to be.

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I received a new iPhone 5s and it’s fabulous. Especially the camera + apps. The latte pic above was taken with PicTapGo. Highly recommend.

We had a festive evening with some friends, carving pumpkins and drinking spiked cider. Love me some honey Jack. I went with the graphic and simple Pumpkin Pi (get it?! I am married to a math teacher). Unfortunately, the thing bloomed into a mess of mold after 4 days.

I cleaned (almost) the entire apartment by myself before my parents came to visit – with disc 1 of this DMB concert at Central Park blaring through the TV. I’ve avoided DMB for ~11years now due to major falling-outs around the time I cared about them. Music, and love, will do that to you.

The table cloth I purchased after Christmas last year made it’s debut, complete with tiny pumpkins. It’s finally feeling like Fall here.

My parents visited – which included a Jason Aldean concert, taking professional family portraits on the beach, eating more bread in 4 days than I eat in a normal month, a walk through Abbott Kinney and a visit to The Getty.

I applied for, and was able to process, my passport paperwork. Looking at that puppy arriving in the mail in T-6 weeks.

Now, where should we go?

Twas a Good Day

Today was exceptionally wonderful – a great start to our holiday vacation.

I was up early – not because I meant to be, but because alcohol from last night disrupted my sleep. I wrote morning pages and read a book. We straightened up the downstairs some, both of us a tad cranky. We’d planned breakfast out and then shopping, but H suggested we take the dog along with us and swing by the puppy park first.

The boys played at the park while I sat in the car relaxing. I noticed the change in seasons in the gray light and crisp air. The atmosphere finally matches the shift in our energy since Daylight Savings Time ended.

At breakfast we chatted about plans to stay in this apartment for at least another 18 months or so, and my dream from August about replacing the carpet and couch and repainting may finally come to fruition in a few weeks. H is on board. He feels “we’re just visiting now”. I could hear an ache for “home” when he spoke. I admit, this caught me off guard some, as he’s hardly been home since grad school started in September. But hardly being here probably just exaggerates his feeling of just visiting. It made me even more driven to nest; clean, decorate and create our space with intention.

We drove up to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade – part outdoor mall, part tourist trap. I had to go to an Apple store for part of H’s gift. He went into Express and Urban Outfitters. We traded off waiting outside with the dog. It felt relaxing until the crowds swelled, so we left.

We ran laundry, wrapped gifts and watched football. I read some more. We ate frozen pizza. H and my sister drank some beers and are watching a movie. I’m tucked upstairs, after a hot shower, blogging from bed with the dog curled at my feet.

‘Twas a good day.

Sundays Are For (Week 14)

Christmas decorations, a long walk with H and the pup, coffee and eggs at home. I tried to create a few ornaments myself today – mostly it felt like a failure, but now with the trim trimmed, I am happier with the results. We bought more lights and finished the tree, though we still need a tree skirt. This whole “Christmas” thing is much more stressful as an adult when you don’t have your family’s supplies and traditions at the ready.

I spent most of the day ordering and organizing gifts. I’m frustrated. I spent so much time and I still have so much more to do – for only 14 people or so. And now we’re up late because H is working on a final paper for his first finished semester of grad school. Just thought I’d pop in and put a quick post up. Even though it’ll be a packed few days, and I have lots to do, I’m excited it’s the last week before the holidays.

How was your weekend? xo

ps – the feathers are a hat tip to the magic of this year