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Almost Silhouette

Taking a silhouette photo is on my Summer Manifesto and I have yet to take one. But tonight the light was so delicious, and our little walk was so relaxing, I thought it would be fun to try. Self-timer app + camera phone + sun setting = the above. Not exactly a silhouette but still a fun shot.

It actually sums up the two-some we are these days. With H back to school and my busy schedule, it really was freakin’ golden to have some quiet time alone this evening. I am so thankful for my four-legged companion.

On that note – I want to send love to Elizabeth of Squam. Her beloved dog Henry, whom I adored from afar via Instagram, left this world last weekend. Considering I didn’t know him (and don’t actually know her), her IG post of his failing health had me bursting into tears. It’s amazing how the internet makes the world so small. I thought this dog was the most beautiful, regal prince ever (he could be Carter’s dad, no?) and I really felt like one day I would get to meet him. Sadly, that won’t be happening. Hoping he’s with her in spirit.

Even on tough days like the past few, I relish the time I have with my little nugget – walking, cuddling, him following me around, waiting patiently for me in his crate, and how he’ll look up from a nap to check on where I’m moving around to in the apartment, then stretch his little toes, give a big old sigh, and fall back asleep.


There’s A Puppy In My Bed

After our morning exercise, while I’m showering, this little guy will lay at the foot of the bed. Sometimes he lays on his side, soaking up the sunbeams. Other times he’ll stretch out long and pant in front of the fan. And every once in a while, he’ll take advantage of the unmade bed to curl up right where we lay our heads, like he knows that this is how you actually sleep up on this comfy platform.

This is the life.

Back-posted Saturday Pup

Because he’s the handsomest. Meet Potter. I was lucky enough to get to hang with his mom, the wonderful Billye Donya (Los Angeles – do you need a photographer?! Get at her – she’s the best and she’s booking up for Summer 2013.)

We also went to her house for dinner Friday night, which ended up being the most delicious feast including the craziest fruit-filled carrot cake with real bits on ginger. It was quite the kick off to our weekend.

Sundays Are For (Week 19)

…10 mile hikes.


The plan was to do the Westridge-Canyonback trail from the fire road that comes off Mulholland Drive, west of the 405. We were told it was about 7.5 miles and that we could have the dogs off-leash.

After an odd hour of rushing around from 7:30am-8:30am, we were out the door; H, my sister and Carter Cash, driving the 25min to the trail-head. No big deal. Everyone we were meeting (8 people, 3 doggies) was on time, and we started up the trail by 9:10am.

It was cool in the shade, warm in the sun, a perfect day to be hiking. As you can see from the photo above, the air was clear and we could see for miles. The path goes up, up, up and then starts to head down into a valley.

Problem number one started with having 4 dogs, only mine being on-leash, weaving in and out of all the people. The next problem was worse – mountain bikers. People whizzing by at top speed on huge mountain bikes, around blind corners, and not enough room on the path for all ELEVEN of us (and FOUR DOGS) to move out of the way. It was nerve-wracking. Third problem? TICKS. Lots of freakin’ ticks. Carter was staying mostly on the path since we kept him on his leash, and he still had more than four on him at a time, one already lodged in the underside of his little ear. F-ing gross.

And while that was all frustrating, the worst part came when we just…kept…walking. We were all getting tired, it was getting late, and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. Clearly we’d gone more than 4miles out, and if this was a 7.5m hike out-and-back, what the hell? If it was 7 miles OUT and 7 miles BACK, we were going to be in trouble soon – our little family definitely didn’t have enough food or water to go 14 miles.

One guy had a GPS and started telling another guy we’d already gone 5.6 miles and still had at least 2 miles to go. WTF?

That’s when I decided we should turn around. Luckily, a few other people were ready to turn back, and we split up as a group.

And then it got worse. With basically no water, mid-day sun and a trek uphill, the return 5 miles was a total bitch. We ended up letting the dog off-leash b/c he was dragging – I mean, just wilting in the sun. A few times he just stopped, wobbled, and laid down in a patch of shade. I was right there with him. We were a sorry bunch.

The good news is, we knew where to go and how much further it would be. And our pup is only 40lbs, so worst case we’d carry him. It didn’t come to that, but it was tough.

As H said this morning, it was a poor choice for our family time.

When we finally got back to the fire road, luck have it, there was a water fountain and restrooms. I drank an entire 32oz Nalgene and then refilled it for H. We all sat in the shade a bit, waiting for the group who went to the end point. Once we were all watered and reunited, energies spiked, and the last mile downhill was cake.

Afterwards we all decided to buy some grillin’ and fixin’ foods and meet back at a friend’s house. The rest of the afternoon was spent limping around his kitchen, stuffing our faces full of burgers and sides, and comparing sunburns.

While I probably won’t do that hike again (H said it was boring, I thought it was nerve-wracking) I’m glad we went. It makes for a good story. And it taught me to always check the trail info for yourself and plan accordingly.

Lesson learned.

Off Leash

Yesterday we decided a family bike ride would be sufficient exercise for the dog.

It’s super important for him to get exercise. Each morning it’s something – a run with me, a 2m walk, a trip to the dog park, a roller-blade or a bike ride. Mostly he needs to tool around the neighborhood, peeing, sniffing and hopefully sprinting a bit, to wear out his energy from sleeping over night.

Even though he’s gotten older, and therefore less wild, he still needs this time outside, running around.

So on our bike ride we come to an elementary school with a huge field, and the main gates are open. We figure a ride around the basketball courts will be nice – no cars, open space. Then we realize the rest of the area is closed off, and even though we have not made any major plans for this, it could be a perfect time to take the pup off-leash.

Now, last week he experimented with unadulterated running without my consent. It was horribly scary but also really encouraging – he sprinted down the beach, and then sprinted back to me. So we went for it.

And it was a blast.

Carter ran and ran and ran to his heart’s content. He always chased us and followed us up and down the field as we walked or ran away from him. The best was when he’d run crazy pig-run circles around us. He was born to run.

Normally I am against off-leash, and the dog park gives me anxiety, but I’m so glad we got to do this today. It was a very bright moment in our time of owning Carter. He’s gone from insane to aloof to loving to really seeming like he cares about us, or at least where we are in relation to him. Like we’re part of his pack. Or he’s part of ours. Either way, it was a good thing. Yay.



Parkin’ It

In my own hibernation this week, I’ve taken full advantage of the dog park. Carter, of course, adores this. Most mornings you can find him hoping around the hill, chasing a select few, and barking up a storm. Anything to tire out the little guy.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a good mommy.

Meeka the Monkey

Usually I try and post a pic of my pup on Saturdays, but in honor of my friend moving on this week, here’s a gorgeous portrait of her dog Meeka! Affectionately called Monkey, I used to baby-sit her a few summers ago when Liz changed jobs. Meeka and Carter are bestest friends, and while I’ll see Liz when I visit Boston for work, I am sad that Meeka and Carter won’t have anymore play-dates.

Gonna miss this little shark-tooth…and her momma.

Sundays Are For (Week 3)

I had to work both days this weekend. Even though I’m exhausted from the schmoozing, I tried to make the best of it…

Pulled out all I could find in the fridge, and threw together this little bfast for H and I. Did I mention it’s so hot over here I can’t stop drinking ice water?

In an effort to make the drive / work in Burbank bearable, I made lunch plans with Liz (my wedding planner and friend). Lunch was “to go” from my fav local place the Curious Palate.

And no Sunday hang would be complete without the monkey, seen swimming here in all her fabulous glory.

Despite the heat and work, this weekend was pretty fun. My energy levels are good, though I am feeling quite tired now and it’s not even 9pm. Usually I can flex my work hours, but I already booked out the week. Regretting that.

Hoping I can find a day soon that I can call all my own.