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#30daysofdresses – day 2

I mentioned yesterday that today’s dress was a bit more out of my comfort zone, but is still hitting on so many of my favorite things – navy, golden brown, and stripes – not to mention it feels like pajamas.

I know, I’m so classy.

Jess gets credit for this one. She pulled it for me in a size that was slightly too large (too long, droopy in the neck line) and we thought maybe they didn’t have my size in stock. But then Jess found it in another spot and – perfecto!

What I love about this dress is that it feels really sexy because it’s tight, but it’s not so clingy that I feel uncomfortable (again, pajamas) or that I’m revealing too much. The stripes and side panels distract from any one spot and it’s just short enough to be perfect for my height.

This dress made me feel all autumn, put-together and classy in a New England kind of way. Plus, it’s the first time this season I got to break out my favorite boots. Hopefully the weather won’t warm up too much and you’ll be seeing more of them in the next few weeks.

Dress is from H&M. Boots are Clarks from 3+ years ago.

#30daysofdresses – day 1

Just purchased this dress on Sunday when I went out with Jess of Hell Or High Fashion. I get credit for this one – I found it in Forever 21. I know Jess didn’t pull it because it was exactly in line with my style – blue, cinched at the waist, interesting neck line, elbow-length sleeves and short. This silhouette is magic for me, obviously. And it’s flowy. For some reason, I think of gingham when I look at it, and I love that it’s country without being cowgirl.

I’ve hit a stride with Forever 21 dresses – basically, if it’s my size with the general silhouette above – I know it’ll fit like a glove. It feels like a joke, especially for someone who used to hate shopping. I’ll definitely be wearing a bunch of dresses from Foreves during this 30-day adventure.

Jess tries to pull things that are a bit out of my comfort zone or interesting pieces that I don’t own yet. This one is clearly right in my wheelhouse (what can I say? I’m a practical girl of habit) Tomorrow’s dress is definitely something I wouldn’t have considered had I been shopping alone, but I’m so glad Jess chose it.

Stay tuned xo