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Werkin’ It Out


Back in the saddle again…

I’m back to working out and it feels aaawwweesssooommmmeee.

For some reason, I always get on an exercise kick in August. And, like I’ve mentioned before, rock climbing has become the end to the means. I want to eat well, sleep well, drink enough water, strength and tone my muscles because I want to CLIMB.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I went to the rock climbing gym by myself. It was great. I warmed up on the stationary bike, climbed a few routes on the auto-belays and then did a HIIT workout. For the first time in years, I spent an hour at a gym.

But what is a “hiit workout” you ask?

Well, it’s high intensity interval training and it’s magical.

It’s everything I love about lifting weights and strengthening my body and most days it takes 12 minutes.


My lovely SIL who introduced me to this awesome concept explains the benefits of hiit. She got pretty ripped working her tail off (to really see results, you do have to do more than 12 min, but I’m not there and I don’t care. I feel awesome anyways). I figured if it worked for her, it could work for me.

On our Alaska trip, we worked out a few times together and she created this little hiit for us. This is also the routine I did yesterday at the gym.

And this morning, after rollerblading with the dog, I found a spare 15 min and did another one. I use the BodyRock YouTube videos.

It’s been about 3 weeks of running 2m (slow, slow, slow 2m with the dog) or rollerblading in the morning, followed by a HIIT. Or I just run. Or I run in the morning and climb later in the day. Or I skip a day and do yoga. (Free yoga at h/t my SIL again).

It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. I’m probably burning no more than an extra 300 calories per day and I’m not seeing a huge change physically because those calories come back in delicious adventures like my recent addiction to hot chai lattes despite the heat wave or our trip to Rita’s this week.

Where I am seeing a difference is in my energy levels. All of a sudden, I feel like I have tons of energy. Feeling healthier makes me want to eat better, so I am making good choices despite the sugary treats I’m enjoying. I’m less interested in alcohol (again, can’t climb well if you feel hungover and dehydrated). And I’m climbing better and better.

So that’s how I’m working out lately. If you’ve done HIIT before and have any advice, ideas or want to share your experience – feel free to write a comment. Cheers to good workouts!

Seven Day Exercise Challenge

Last weekend, I decided I needed a full week of exercise. Can’t remember when I did this last. Exercise and I have had a love/hate relationship for a while now. Such a pain.

I ordered new shoes, dug up a workout DVD and got to it.

Sunday: Ran 3 miles. Felt good though I could tell my sneakers were shot.
Monday: Level 1, 30-day shred (love love love JM)
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles in my new shoes. Felt much better and ran faster.
Wednesday: So tired, but went with an easy 50min of yoga. Better than nothing.
Thursday: Ran a quick 2 miles, in the afternoon heat, after eating lunch out. Barf.
Friday: Level 1, 30-day shred again, before my flight. Already felt stronger.
Saturday: Ran 3.5 miles with my friend around her neighborhood in MA. She was dehydrated and needed to walk a bunch. B/c of either my previous workouts or her walking breaks, I felt awesome, like I could’ve done 5 miles.

Overall it was a fun challenge. Definitely worth doing and also tracking on Instagram. Grateful H was home all week, and took care of Carter, giving me time to run alone. Also, this ties to the Hello Story class I’m taking with Ali Edwards – these pics will go into my Project Life for the week. And I feel much more motivated to keep going. Hoping to run the Charles River during my Boston stay.


Early Mornings With Carter

As it happens with a Sun sign changes, just last week I found my energy came back. I shifted my morning routine. Instead of getting up late, writing morning pages, and then exercising Carter, I got up earlier and exercised him first. This somehow created more space for me to do what I wanted and get to work slightly earlier somehow. The added bonus is getting outside before the heat gets to be too much.

And I just love me some early morning light on this pup.

Off Leash

Yesterday we decided a family bike ride would be sufficient exercise for the dog.

It’s super important for him to get exercise. Each morning it’s something – a run with me, a 2m walk, a trip to the dog park, a roller-blade or a bike ride. Mostly he needs to tool around the neighborhood, peeing, sniffing and hopefully sprinting a bit, to wear out his energy from sleeping over night.

Even though he’s gotten older, and therefore less wild, he still needs this time outside, running around.

So on our bike ride we come to an elementary school with a huge field, and the main gates are open. We figure a ride around the basketball courts will be nice – no cars, open space. Then we realize the rest of the area is closed off, and even though we have not made any major plans for this, it could be a perfect time to take the pup off-leash.

Now, last week he experimented with unadulterated running without my consent. It was horribly scary but also really encouraging – he sprinted down the beach, and then sprinted back to me. So we went for it.

And it was a blast.

Carter ran and ran and ran to his heart’s content. He always chased us and followed us up and down the field as we walked or ran away from him. The best was when he’d run crazy pig-run circles around us. He was born to run.

Normally I am against off-leash, and the dog park gives me anxiety, but I’m so glad we got to do this today. It was a very bright moment in our time of owning Carter. He’s gone from insane to aloof to loving to really seeming like he cares about us, or at least where we are in relation to him. Like we’re part of his pack. Or he’s part of ours. Either way, it was a good thing. Yay.



Back On The Bike

Husband bought a bike pump and fixed my tires, so on Thursday I took this guy out for a jog / ride. He was unimpressed. I found it more annoying than relaxing because of his dragging butt. Still it’s better than nothing, for both him and I.

I’m off to run a 4.5m with a friend. Happy Saturday! xo

Diving In

I have a side business ( on top of my regular 9-5, my boyfriend, my dog, long-distance phone calls to my favorite people, exercising and errands… You can see how it’s possible that I love blogging but have yet to carve out a consistent time for it. Today though, I somehow did it all. Well, not ALL, but everything I set out to do. And not even that, but I touched, if ever briefly, on each aspect of my life I currently deem important. I didn’t have a dream day or even a vacation day, but I did have a FULL day.

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Going along with the present reality…

Last week I had plans with a newer friend to meet at the beach for a workout. In typical worrier fashion, I fretted about traffic, parking and what we’d do once there. But in a conscious effort to “have more fun”, I committed to the workout date and told myself to chill out.

A text came in around the time I planned to leave, pushing back our meeting time. I lingered on the couch a bit longer, arguing with my anxiety if I “should just leave now and get there” or wait it out. I left later. Then plans switched back to the original time. Now I was late. Also, I was stuck in horrible traffic (harr-ah-bull Mom’s favorite adjective for traffic). Late + traffic usually equals a pretty stressed out me. But, I had been going with the flow and I was still determined to.

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