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day 9: taste

Missed the opportunity to photograph all I ate today – smoothie, Wahoo’s Fish Taco lunch, Peet’s Coffee and Tea chai latte, a soft pretzel and a coke. Written all down, what a terrible day of eating, but not as bad as the crazy East Coast eating we did on vacation.

I mentioned our love of Wawa but I’m not sure I mentioned that we ate there 3x in 24 hours. A new record perhaps?

Breakfast two times and lunch once. I actually consumed a sausage, egg and cheese on a biscuit – like the big fluffy southern biscuits that you eat with gravy. What a fatty, but so delicious. (It was good I did too because it held me over through our entire 10hr trip home. Also, isn’t it nuts that we can get from a suburb of Philly back to our apartment in Los Angeles in less than 12 hrs?!)

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Sundays Are For (Week 26)

A beach day, in Hermosa, with friends. Metered parking and paid lots. H willing to drive around to find parking. Missing the traffic on both ends, somehow. Citron vodka out of a flask, daiquiri frozen packets and beer. Lots of random food. T had apples. G had snickerdoodles we all thought was cake mix in the box. Tossing the frisbee and our feet burning in the white-hot sand. The breeze off the ocean and calm. The waves crashing on the shore. My sister dancing on me with her saggy bathing suit bottom. Hysterical laughter. And iPhone sitting in a Solo cup, acting as a speaker. Standing in the water, letting the waves rush around our ankles, our feet sinking into the squishy sand as S spoke about her life. We needed a catch up.

Dipping my head under the waves, the feeling of being cleansed by the cold salt water. Summer.

The camaraderie, the community feeling about the day. Check another item off my Summer Manifesto. I love my friends so much. Each person’s unique way of being, their talents and voices. I am one of my best selves when around them. My body relaxes, my mind quiets down. They’ve got it all covered and just need me to be, like what the ocean asks of me. To just be there with it, the rolling in and out, the tide changing, the pelicans sailing on their lofty wings.

Beer Belly

Saturday night we met some friends for dinner and drinks at Beer Belly. This is my kind of place. The food was extra delicious and the beer was local (Craft Beer and Crafty Food is their slogan) The ambiance could be improved, but we had a nice corner table and enough room for 7 people.

The top pic is my beer with my sister’s. I had the Heavenly Hefe (yay $4 happy hour price) and she had the French Toast by Craftsman Brewing Co. For dinner I ordered their Fontina mac & cheese (major craving for m&c while I was in Boston) and H ordered the Defibrillator. Everything was delicious. We topped it off with friend Oreos.

Located in Koreatown, it’s not the easiest place to get to – you mostly have to take surface streets. We hit traffic even at 5pm. Parking was OK but I imagine it’s randomly difficult. I would love to go back, but we probably won’t for a while. I imagine if I’m ever pregnant though, this is the food I’ll be craving.



Sundays Are For (Week 21)

Today was for…

A three mile walk through the beach town, where Carter didn’t love his encounter with a pitbull but otherwise, was fairly easy to walk with. Guitar playing by H – lots of Iron & Wine and Tom Petty. Taking photos. Feeling stressed out (maybe PMS?) and trusting it would pass. It did. Abandoning the idea that H would drive up to work and get stuff done. Instead he suggested we go to the Montana district of Santa Monica, walk around and eat. I stopped into the Jonathan Adler store. We ate at Babalu – omelet for him, salmon plate for me. Picked up a few groceries in Whole Foods our of laziness. Enjoyed the quiet. Avoided napping. Sipped tea. Looked at houses online. Cooked dinner. Read a few blogs and watched a video of Austin Kleon speaking.

You can enjoy it too below:

UX Week 2012 | Austin Kleon | Steal Like An Artist from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

You can add to the conversation on Instagram by tagging your pics: #sundaysarefor or linking to your own blog posts. Hope your Sunday was wonderful. We’re back to work after two weeks of spring break (for him) and travel for work (for me). The quiet time at the office and home will be enjoyed. The 5:30am alarm – not so much.


7 Months & 7 Days

We’re not officially celebrating until Saturday – H has a scavenger hunt + dinner thing planned. No idea really, and the control freak in me is like TELL ME WHAT WE’RE DOING, but I’m trying to enjoy the possibilities. Trust and all..

After a work day filled with random stuff, I got stuck in major traffic… I mean, 2 hours to go my normal 13 miles / 30min. It was stupid. Basically gave up and parked in a neighborhood to wait it out… 2 miles from my apartment. So dumb.

Once home though, family life greeted me. H ordered the most beautiful bouquet of flowers of our 10 years together and my sister made us homemade fajitas and cupcakes with three different types of frosting (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry). I am one spoiled girl.

The craziest thing is today is our 7 month and 7 day wedding anniversary – and we just happened to get married on 7.7! How fun is it that it falls on Valentine’s Day? Yay.

Been getting my bearings back, now that I’m feeling better, and today was just delightful. I feel so loved.

Hope you and yours are wonderful xo

Sundays Are For (Week 18)



Game day eats courtesy of my sister. Homemade hot wings (the one food I refuse to eat). Chili. Sour cream and onion dip. Guac. A pretty good game. Amazing performance by Beyonce. (I want to be her when I grow up.) Lots of time at home. Puppy more sick than yesterday though – boo. Hoping for a good week after a pretty darn restful weekend.


Cafe Gratitude




Almost cried with joy when I walked into Cafe Gratitude on Saturday for a women’s work brunch.

I want to buy a house and renovate it to exactly like this restaurant. Glass bottles with words craved into them, menu items with names like I am Happy, I am Awesome. Succulent planters on the tables. White wood, marble counters, gray stools. Giant windows that reminded me of my favorite San Francisco stop.

My order: I AM TRANSFORMED Two organic corn tacos with sautéed seasonal vegetables, guacamole, black beans, salsa fresca and cashew nacho cheese. Served with a side salad.

It was fantastic and I can not wait to go back.


This Grateful Season – The Basics

When I write these posts, I try to avoid being all highfalutin. If today I’m grateful for lattes or buttons, it can go into a post. No perfection here (if there were, I wouldn’t be able to post each day).

This morning, I took a pic of this shirt to share on Instagram to remind myself of being cozy and at home with my husband and sister in arm’s reach. But as I thought about my day, and the devastation of hurricane Sandy, I wanted to put it out there that I am so grateful for the clothes on my back, the shelter over my head, the heat and a/c I can turn on with a switch, and the food in my fridge.

When it comes down to it, I am blessed beyond belief – all of my basic needs are met and then some. I have enough food that some of it goes bad. And I throw it out. And a trash service takes it away. I have enough electric that I can leave lights on when I’m not home and charge all of my electronics. I have internet, clean sheets, hot water, quiet neighbors, my siblings near me, a smart pup, healthy parents and a rocking husband.

It’s crazy to think that I picked up my new favorite shirt (above) at a clothing swap. As in, a party where we all brought clothes we didn’t want anymore to trade them around before taking the leftovers to Goodwill. We have enough clothing that we share them before donating (aka dumping) the old ones and then probably buying new ones to fill the closet space. And even though I do it too, it’s baffling.

I’ve been trying to think long and hard before purchasing items and bringing them into my home. Do I really want to store / clean / wear / wash this many many many times or will it just end up in a donation, or worse, a garbage pile in the next year? Do I really need this?

All of my East coast family and friends seem to be OK, riding out the storm, cold, damage and losing electricity. My parents have a generator and good spirits. They’ve taken in my brother’s friend who unfortunately wasn’t so lucky with his material goods – both his apartment and his car were lost to the storm. So in honor of him and everyone else dealing with this recovery, I am grateful tonight for all I have and that they are safe. Sometimes I forget, but I really don’t need more than that.

If you or your loved ones were affected by Sandy, I am sending my thoughts and prayers your way. If you’d like to help, visit this page or donate to the American Red Cross.


For the month of November, I write each day about something I’m grateful for and call it Grateful Season. It’s my way of reviewing the amazing year I’ve had and helps me focus on blogging during the crazy holiday season uptick. Feel free to join me – just make sure you let me know!

Yoga In The Hotel

This was my first work day in Boston. I decided to write my morning pages and then do yoga. Thought this would be a great transition into the work day. I was right.

It’s amazing how the start of yoga can be full of anxiety or boredom, my brain finding some reason to not do the class. How tight my muscles are and my mind racing. But man, after even 20min, I start feeling looser and more flexible and just, happy.

Now I’m feeling dehydrated. Ate an amazing dinner at Franklin Cafe in the South End. Apparently their turkey meatloaf is to die for but it wasn’t on the menu yet. I went with the smoked shrimp and the appetizer special of beef short-ribs, topped off with a St-Germain cocktail. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this deliciousness.

Today was the easiest day I have planned so tomorrow things may be hectic. Up later than I’d like working on my presentation. Hoping for a run along the Charles if I can get to sleep soon.

Sundays Are For (Week 9)

Lots of traveling this weekend, but if I did one thing right, it was eating pretty well. The above does not support this statement. It was one of my indulgences. I can’t go home to NY and not eat a bagel. And this one was incredible.

Today was for hitting the bagel store with my family before the long drive into JFK. It was about lox cream cheese and Early Grey tea. It was about airplanes and smiling and enjoying being on my own. It was an evening walk down Newbury Street in Boston, eating a solo dinner at the bar, reading my Kindle.

It was about feeling chilly, about space, decompressing, and resting in motion.

Tomorrow starts off a busy work week in Boston. For my own sanity, I hope to have time to post.

What was your Sunday for? xo