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Sundays Are For (Week 3)

I had to work both days this weekend. Even though I’m exhausted from the schmoozing, I tried to make the best of it…

Pulled out all I could find in the fridge, and threw together this little bfast for H and I. Did I mention it’s so hot over here I can’t stop drinking ice water?

In an effort to make the drive / work in Burbank bearable, I made lunch plans with Liz (my wedding planner and friend). Lunch was “to go” from my fav local place the Curious Palate.

And no Sunday hang would be complete without the monkey, seen swimming here in all her fabulous glory.

Despite the heat and work, this weekend was pretty fun. My energy levels are good, though I am feeling quite tired now and it’s not even 9pm. Usually I can flex my work hours, but I already booked out the week. Regretting that.

Hoping I can find a day soon that I can call all my own.

What Sundays Are For (Week 2)

Even since I’ve been back in town, I’ve had an intense urge to walk Abbott Kinney. I think it’s because I didn’t get enough wandering / shopping / picture time on our honeymoon. Unfortunately, we brought the pup with us thus morning and it was just plain annoying. Many stores don’t open until 11am on Sundays and the coffee shops all had lines out the door. I smelled some incense in the Mystic Journey bookstore and touched just about every product in Urbanic, but as our walk progress, I felt more and more frustrated.

H, being the awesome husband he is, offered to drop the dog at home and go back out in search of a place that would satisfy my wandering needs. At first we aimed for the Main Street Santa Monica area but he suggested a place he’d gone before that he thought I’d like. L’Epicerie in Culver City. Bingo.

My food was good, my latte was great, and afterwards we headed out to furniture stores and an open house – none of which were productive, but what a relaxing day.

(WSAF Week 1)

Summer Equals Grilling

Summer equals grilling and this was our first dinner off the grill.

I spent every night this week away from home and it caught up with me this morning. I bailed on girls’ night and instead went for some home favorites – grilling, H and the pup (appropriate with the moon just leaving Cancer)

I decided to take tomorrow off from work to continue working on the wedding stuff and keep my mental health in the black.

Even Carter got to enjoy the deliciousness.


Last night we headed out for some Wurstkuche.

Ale for him. Stout for me.

These are Edison lights. I want to live in this room.

Mustard selection 😉

Teeny Tiny Gardens

OMG I want to do this right now. This being CONTAINER GARDENING – growing things has been on my mind a bit recently. And I just love things that break the rules. Don’t have enough space for a garden? Just make the container smaller.

Like, really small.

From Life On The Balcony blog

Also note this ridiculousness: A tiny planter for my bike?! An even tinier planter for my NECK?!

But really, I’ve toyed with the idea of growing tomatoes – just tomatoes – because if I could grow them I would have fresh deliciousness at hand and I would save at least $8 per month. But when I start contemplating tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce come out to play. My imagination spins planters upon planters of vegetables, an entire wall of succulents and maybe a fruit tree for good measure. Preferably oranges. Sweet ones.

Haven’t taken the plunge though. First of all, I don’t know where to start. And secondly, I’ve killed all four plants we’ve had in the past 2 years. I can name them for you — there was the Benjamin Ficus, the succulent (this one wasn’t my fault – the wind knocked it over and split it in two), the general, hardy flowering plant and the basil plant. Yes. I am interested in growing a full on farm on my balcony and I couldn’t be trusted with a basil plant. Thirdly, our balcony is small and full of LA dust and it seems the little hothouse window above my kitchen sink made for growing things does nothing but fry them indefinitely. I’ve been at a loss.

Cue “Life On The Balcony“, a blog about container gardening. It came to me from Anthology Magazine which the wonderful Susannah Conway linked to in her Something For The Weekend post April 6th. Ah, the internet 🙂

So one of three problems (#1 above) is pretty much solved by the awesomeness of the web. Problems 2 & 3, I’m hoping, will come in due time as I read said blog and then move on to actually picking up a trowel. But let’s not get ahead of our sprouts… I mean selves. Happy Monday!


This is what a day off looks like… and since I never take them just for me, I made sure anything I did was purely for me. A-maz-ing.

Sleeping in till 7am. Waking up without an alarm.

Writing morning pages with the doggie sleepily looking on. 3 pages of long-hand, snapping a few pictures in the quiet. Exhibit A:

Feeding and watering both myself and the pup. Then out for a 3 mile run with lots of stops for him to sniff and pee and me to catch my breath. Listened to “Fresh Air” interview with Louis C.K. It did not disappoint.

Then on to a real breakfast, now that we have a kitchen full of groceries. Not since Thanksgiving has the fridge been this full. Fruit, eggs, spinach and a few corn tortillas. And lots and lots of reading.

I spent most of the morning reading – blogs, Harry Potter 4 (which I finished!), and few other books on the e-reader. I spent it cuddled up in an arm chair with this guy:

I didn’t check email, Twitter or Facebook. No TV or phone calls. Hell, I didn’t even leave the house. I showered around 1pm with the intention of taking myself out for writing and coffee, but just didn’t want to go. Lunch was eaten in too:

It involved a whole avocado, an entire tomato and more tea. Literally, wholes foods.

I perused Liz Lamoreux’s blog, especially her journalling videos, Chookooloonks’ blog, and got lost in the depths of Nothing But Bonfires‘ site before fiance was home and I was cooking dinner. Then it was crafty time, which is so-not-me normally but what can I say? I’m pretty inspired by Elise Joy’s blog lately, and I figured, I feel better when I make things, so why deprive myself of this tiny pleasure?

They’re going to be valentines. I’ve sent Christmas cards for the past 5+ years, but this past year it became something that needed to fall off the list to make room for things like work events, wedding planning and, um, sleep… so when I saw this adorable pack at Paper Source, I just had to have ’em.

Not sure how many hours it’s supposed to take, but I hope to get them out in the next few days. Luckily, this week is wide open in the evenings, so I’ll be making my way through the project. It’s important to note that this type of thing can so quickly become a “to do” that I’m working to keep it a “project” and not a “have to”. Something fun and relaxing, not torture. Something that will make other people happy, but is filling my well at the same time.

I don’t know why I didn’t just take a day off last week, when I needed it. Wasn’t acknowledging it somehow. That old “knuckle down” habit. So glad I did. I can feel another day would just be amazing, but tomorrow I’ll be able to return to work with energy, knowing that I took care of myself today.