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Sundays Are For (Week 30)

Starting Week In The Life, creating an insert for my One Little Word class, slow-cooking sausage and peppers, eating chili cheese dip, hanging with my sister who came over to watch the Giants’ game (they lost). A trip to the dog park where I felt good and then breaking the vacuum somehow battling the fleas, and having a meltdown. Taking a hot shower and relaxing. Feeling insane and then so good. Walking outside in jeans, feeling the breeze and no more heat wave. Being thankful for H and his calm, for his new skill of making us omelets, for chai tea and saying ‘no thanks’ to alcoholic beverages. For getting enough sleep but still being so sleepy. For Amazon video so we can finish season 1 of Homeland and cookie dough ice cream and creating. For days off and weekends and life.

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Sundays Are For (Week 18)



Game day eats courtesy of my sister. Homemade hot wings (the one food I refuse to eat). Chili. Sour cream and onion dip. Guac. A pretty good game. Amazing performance by Beyonce. (I want to be her when I grow up.) Lots of time at home. Puppy more sick than yesterday though – boo. Hoping for a good week after a pretty darn restful weekend.


Sundays Are For (Week 17)

Sundays are for… brats and bbqs, for football playoffs and coffee with a dear friend. For cleaning, though I did little compared the other housemates. Mostly I put away the Christmas decorations. This didn’t take as long as I thought. It’s for my sister baking cinnamon coffee cake muffins and for making H scrambled eggs. For taking the dog to a big field and letting him run off-leash on purpose. He loved it, and came back again. It’s for sitting in traffic on the 405 N and having to drive H’s car home in the dark on the 405 S. It’s for ranking on the Patriots and then feeling bad when they lose… kind of.

And it’s for finally getting some quiet time, right now, by myself… almost. xo

Sundays Are For – Family Time (Week 13)

A good night’s sleep, morning pages and cuddles. A long walk with H & Carter Cash to Starbucks for breakfast. Rain and sun peeking through clouds. Naps and hot showers and decorating. Christmas music. Lots and lots of reading. Ordering pizza and writing and hot tea. Watching football and not leaving the house. Both of us typing on our laptops at the kitchen table. Throwing out a few worn items and refolding a drawer of stuff to keep.

Dreading Monday but also grateful for this time. See more of my Sundays.

Productive Monday Holiday

Yesterday was a Monday holiday for me.

Every week should be a 3-day weekend.

I was uber-produtive, creative, relaxed and happy… even with some weird head cold that’s brewing.

I cleaned the bathroom, ran 3 loads of laundry, washed the doggie bed, walked Carter Cash for an hour, worked on an e-course, created a new journal to go with the e-course, cooked food, took care of the carpet company estimate, talked to my family 2x, read a book, journaled, worked on a video, vacuumed downstairs, dusted and vacuumed my bedroom, changed the sheets, responded to emails, and watched football (the Jets are depressing ::sigh::). All of this with energy and never really feeling pressured or upset I was doing so much cleaning alone.

(Thank you moon void of course)

Today was a pretty good day at the office, though I am right on the precipice of completely freaking out with all the work I have to do. I tried to list all of the projects and “next actions” I could think of a la Getting Things Done (GTD). It seemed to help, but more and more things keep pouring out of my head. The crazy part is – how was I not going crazy already with all of that in there? Well, I guess I was.

There’s a lot of stuff percolating – three upcoming trips, three work events, this e-course which I’m sure will dredge up some buried items and MY SISTER RELOCATING TO LOS ANGELES and sleeping on my floor for a few weeks.

It’s funny how I post here so often and hardly mention the people in my life. It’s because I don’t share this blog with anyone (though I understand it’s out in the internets) and yet I feel like I have to ask permission to write about other people on here, which would mean I’d have to talk to them about the existence of this blog. Round & round.

Anyways – I’m working on that. The above is enough for now, I think, especially if you didn’t have yesterday off and / or are a Jets fan. ‘Night.


Sundays Are For (Week 7)



I woke up a bit cranky. The heat didn’t help. H suggested I bike Carter to the grocery store while he cleaned the downstairs. Not going to argue with that.

So Carter and I trotted over in the heat, lugging $60 worth of food back to the house, to be greeted by cold, clean-smelling air.

H starts grad school tomorrow and we’re finally back in the full swing of his teaching job. Life is calm for me but lots of traveling coming up. I’m trying my best to tick things off the list while I’m home.

Opened up Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts and processed 200+ emails per my digital detox plan. It didn’t feel as productive as I hoped, but the overwhelm of opening my email is less. Vacuumed the dog’s crate – he’s suffering from fleas. Started a new book (The Night Circus). Flipped through our wedding photos again. Watched two football games for teams I don’t care for. Tied up a few hanging threads as well. Actually, I’m not really sure where the day went…

September used to be a month of new beginnings – that’s what life on a school schedule will do to you. I guess it’s still like that for us now as working adults, but it feel more like a transition than a fresh start.

Hoping I can stay grounded as the next 8 weeks fly by. Happy to report trusting my gut is still working.