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Rock Climbing: Yoga On The Wall

Last Tuesday H and I went to a beginner rock climbing class at a local gym. For $45 each we were given a two-hour lesson, with time to climb afterwards.

By the time we left that night, I was hooked.

I’ve climbed 3 more times in the past week. Each time I love it more and can’t wait to go again.

It feels like the perfect activity for me right now b/c it’s all about flow. When you’re climbing you have a sense of your own skill and limitations against the ratings of the routes. I guess this is part of climbing culture, but everyone I know who climbs says that, at the very core, it’s all about problem solving.

When you’re on the wall it’s just your brain and your body, solving problems. Where to go, how to get there, pushing your feet a certain way or gripping your hand just right. It asks me to be both mentally focused and intuitive in my next move.

Our trainer at the first class went straight for my heart when he said “I can’t wait to see you climbing after a few weeks of practice because you get it. You’re intuitive about it, you just need some experience and technique”.

It’s crazy b/c I thought I would like climbing, but I never found a class to attend. It took H signing us up for me to go.

Which is another awesome thing about it for me – it requires two people (if you prefer a human-, vs auto-, belay situation, which I think most people do). So this is something H and I can do together, but it’s still a singular activity.

I don’t really do well in group situations. I much prefer to have it be me against the task, not me working with others against others. Most of the things I like to do (run, read, yoga, take photos, write) are solo pursuits. I love enjoying hobbies with other people – attending a class with friends or running with another person – but it’s us about us having a parallel experience. They’re on their mat, and I’m on mine.

With climbing it’s sort of that, except there is an element of team work since H is belaying me, and sometimes coaching me, and I can do the same for him. We act more like support staff or cheerleaders, rather than direct teammates. This suits me really well and also gives H and I something fun to do together.

In short, it feels like yoga on the wall – it encourages me to be stronger, to rise to challenges, to actually try and possibly fail (and fall, though luckily H keeps the tension on tight). With all of the up and down moods of the past few weeks – coming down off of that crazy stretch of events – I am really loving this challenging and fun experience. And the best part – there’s nothing like working a route and making it to that top hold, touching the bar, knowing you made it – just your muscles, clinging to bones, hanging onto handholds, 25 feet off the ground.

day 4: love

Yesterday we had an entire day in Philly. It was SO MUCH FUN. I plan on sharing a longer post , but for now, here’s a shot in honor of August Break. See all of my August Break 2013 posts here.

2013 Summer Manifesto

At first I thought, “No way. Not another list with more pressure added to having the perfect experience, trying to live my days like the unachievable images on the interwebs.” Ahem, Pinterest.

But then I got to thinking. We’re young, married, renters, child-free with good incomes — we could have the best.summer.ever. Minus the pressure. We could set some seriously fun intentions for the next 2 months.

So I wrote up a sort of wish list. It ended up being exactly 30 items, though some things (like “revamp the apartment”) will have multiple steps. Even if I do 10 of these things, it’ll make for some awesome memories.

Kind of already got a head start when my parents were in town. Mom took me out for a mani/pedi and we spent a good chunk of time Newport Beach, welcoming in summer. So we’ll see how the rest goes. Thinking it’s gonna make for a pretty sweet collage come September.

See the sunrise
See the sun (set at the ocean)
Eat at Malibu Seafood
Read 4 books, 1 LA noir
(Currently reading 3… World War Z, The Untethered Soul & Made To Stick)
Take a weekend trip (Visit L&T 8.16.13)
Do a LONG hike (8/2/13 Probably only 3m, but it was TOUGH)
Eat a perfect peach (8.8.13 delicious sliced peach in a fruit salad during a work mtg)
Dive into Ali Edward’s Hello Story (7/24/13)
Hang some plants
Participate in August Break (Started 8/1/13)
Play Cards Against Humanity (7/27/13)
Take a silhouette photo
Get a mani/pedi (6/20/13)
AZ River Trip (7/27/13)
Swim in a pool (6/30/13)
Spend the entire day on the beach (6/15/13)
Bike to Playa Del Rey (walked this path on 7/7/13 but still want to bike)
Run – a trail, the beach path, a 5 miler
Create a feather wall
Finish up my digital scrapbooking class
Write a song and record it (with H)
Eat a tomato from our plant (7/22/13)
DTLA art walk
Make and eat s’mores (7/6/13)
See fireworks (7/4/13)
Celebrate our one year (Weekend of 7/5/13)
Take a day off just for me
See an action movie (We binge-watched 70+ episodes of Battlestar Galactic – this so counts)
Grill a perfect steak (8.11.13)
Revamp the apartment

*Inspired by Ali Edwards and Kelly Purkey
*If you’ve written up a summer manifesto, please share it with me. I love reading them. xo

Since this summer has been so awesome, I wanted to add a few items that weren’t on the list. Most are from our trip to Philly – and I plan on a better recap post – but adding these things here for now: kayaked for the first time, climbed a rock wall for the first time, swam and jumped at Dutch Springs, saw a Phillies game, ate a cheesesteak, visited Love Park, ran the Philly Art Museum stairs (like Rocky), saw a concert with friends, had my sister babysit Carter, clean our apartment and buy us flowers, started organizing the wedding planning scrapbook, H had our wedding photos printed up, and ate at Wawa (3x – ugh).




We went out bowling with friends last Friday. I am not a great bowler, but I like going. I mean, who doesn’t love wearing odd shoes, throwing heavy balls down a lane and simultaneously laughing at and cheering on friends?

My games were going fine, nothing too crazy, until my one friend decided to pair us off into teams to up the ante. He put H and I on opposite teams, ignoring my competitive nature. It was on.

On like donkey kong.

I bowled the best freakin’ game of my life. 156 points AND A TURKEY. That is 3 – THREE – strikes in a ROW for those of you who don’t bowl. The gods of bowling parted the stale-popcorn-air of this Disney-music-filled alley and blessed my little head.

Victory was had. Victory was sweet. And it was short lived.

I bowled a 99 in my next game. But for that one game, I kicked some bowling butt. That’s just how I roll.

The Past 4 Days…

In the past 4 days I …

  • Moved offices, in which I again made the mistake of not hiring professionals, thinking that me and my Protestant work ethic could magically move a small truck worth of stuff in one trip and under 3 hours. Thank goodness for my intelligent and patient fiance who made sure it got done as well as it was gonna in the allotted time.
  • Consumed 3 donuts, 4 cups of coffee, 1 slice of pizza, 2 bagels, maybe 5 eggs, lots of cheese and 3 pieces of cake.
  • Drove a friend to the airport.
  • Received a spontaneous invite to see Stevie Nicks’ birthday show at the Wiltern. Fucking fabulous.
  • Discussed, hoped and changed my mind about wedding plans… again.
  • Drank 3 glasses of wine and 1.5 of champagne. Not all at once.
  • Went ice skating, bike riding, roller-blading, dancing, cleaned the apartment and lifted heavy objects.
  • Celebrated a birthday and a bachelorette.
  • Hosted a brunch for 12 people, more than have ever shown up to any of our previous gettogethers.

Received an email about this e-course: “Unravelling #1: Ways of Seeing My Self“. Totally forgot it would start tomorrow, and now that I’ve just finished 12 weeks of the Artist Way, I’m psyched to have a new creative lifeline through my days, especially one I’ve waited so long to try.

Feeling a bit too tired to do much the rest of today. And that’s OK. In fact, the word “tired” is so very different from the term “burnt out”. I don’t feel burnt out because I can say whole-heartedly that none of it was aggravating, upsetting or a waste of my time, even if some of it was confusing or difficult. There was a wonderful undertone of going with the flow as if I’m really beginning to actually live the life I have and not pining for something else. The past 4 days were so full – I grateful and blessed for all of the experiences, people and energy this small span of time encompassed.

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