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The Day After

September 12th

I remember that day,
as we all do
And I remember the day after.

The sky a crystal clear blue
The air crisp but warm
the way it is with
summer in September.
The school field glistening with dew.

I’m sure I was wearing
some big knitted sweater,
the kind that you paired
with Birkenstocks
and twine bracelets
and smelled like wool.

Earthy + itchy + full of love.

I’m sure my parents went to
work that day,
though maybe my mom stayed home,
folding load after load
of laundry
in front of the endless news cycle
of a plan crashing into a
on a

Even though I grew up on Long Island
I didn’t understand
what or where the
“Twin Towers” were
But as we walked outside
with our science lab supplies,
off to collect samples of
dirt, or ants, or leaves
I remember smelling something else
on the wind
Like hot tar or burning rubber.

And my science teacher, in her bravery
to treat us like adults said,

“It’s the city burning.”

We were only 50 miles away
from it all.

And that is when it became real,
this weight that I carry
as a high school kid
from New York
the day after the towers fell.


On From LA

Another friend is moving on from LA, on to the next chapter of her life. This information does not come as a surprise to me, though maybe the transition is sooner than I thought.

We’ve been friends for almost 7 years (?), our paths crossing among friends and then officially as roommates. (She was the best roommate). After I moved to LA we stayed in touch, and with her feeling out of the music industry loop, I encouraged her to move to LA.

After a pretty insane cross-country drive, she landed in Los Angeles and began what would be a few trying years of music industry / band work, retail jobs and health issues. It’s been crazy watching it all from the outside. I’m not sure how anyone could deal with the chaos, but she has. She’s one tough cookie.

From our many gym dates back when my job was super boring, to our random yogurtland dates now, through her surgery and my wedding (her post), we’re still friends. And now she’s on to her next big plans – moving home, working on a personal trainer certificate and then possibly to Boston. I’ve always thought of her as a little worker bee, a walking photocopy of me when it comes to work ethic, and mostly, like a younger sister. I will miss her a ton and I am very excited for her.

So Ms. Katie – I wish you all the support and love in the world. Let’s hope your drive back to IL is a million times better than your original drive to LA 🙂

You can follow Katie’s journey at her blog Talk Less, Say More & Instagram @ktyou