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#30daysofdresses – day 7

Or where we finally get to the new Dunkin’ Donuts…

Sunday I woke up and mentioned donuts. H responded with us going to the new (and only) Dunkin’ Donuts in Santa Monica.


While H waited in the line – out the door and about 20min total – I walked Carter around the block. I decided to wear my new Jimmy Eat World t-shirt from the show the other night and a jean skirt. I know this is technically not a dress, but like I mentioned, the heat is making wearing a dress really unappealing.

The shirt is awesome because it’s navy (my fav), has constellation-like writing (also fav), and it’s of my favorite Jimmy Eat World album.

I never wear this skirt, and wanted to ditch it when Jess and I met up last year. Apparently, every girl should have a jean skirt, especially those that live in sunny SoCal like me. But it always felt like it was riding up and not sitting right.

Solution – tuck in a shirt and wear a belt. Ta-da. Plus the belt and tucked-in action up the put-together-ness action of the outfit, so even though I’m technically just wearing a shorts + t-short combo, I look way more like I care than normal Sunday coffee-run outfits.


Winning all around.

With our Dunkin’ Donuts food in hand, we drove down to the beach path above the ocean, found a bench in the shade, and hung out. H was all excited for his fantasy hockey league draft and Carter checked out the squirrels and other dogs. The view was a pristine blue – possibly the only benefit from an LA heat wave.

I can’t wait for it to cool off…

Skirt is Gap, from a long time ago, per usual. Shirt is merch from Jimmy Eat World. Belt is originally from this dress. Flip-flops from Kohl’s.

PS – Happy birthday to my dad!


#30daysofdresses – day 6

This heat wave is no bueno. It’s making wearing dresses hard. Like I said – I just want to be in shorts + tank tops, but I’m figuring it out.

This dress from is my go to for hot, hot heat. It’s short, light-weight and doesn’t require a bra. TMI, I know – but if it’s so hot there’s a chance of boob sweat, I’m looking for any chance to lessen the layers I’m wearing.

Saturday afternoon, we grabbed sushi at Whole Foods and drove to a park for lunch. Even in the shade, it felt sweltering, my eyes were red from the dryness. Ugh. We ate lunch and Carter got some more time outside. The dress + flip flops served me well.

Later that night, we bought tickets to see Gone Girl (Side note: hated the book so much, I quit 20 pages in, but the trailer looked good & H wanted to see it. I love Ben Affleck’s movies lately and Carrie Coon is my newest girl crush, and was absolutely my favorite part of the movie). I knew the movie theater would be chilly, so I upped the dress with my (apparently) favorite boots and gold sweater.

I’ve had this sweater a long time. I don’t think H likes it much, but I’m glad I kept it. It falls right into this season’s mustard yellow / gold coming back, not to mention the over-sized sweater + dress look. And it worked for the heat and the day. Good enough.

Dress is RipCurl, sweater from JCrew outlet (10+ years ago?) and my necklace is a feather from Liz Lamoreux.