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Thie Grateful Season – Honeymooning




One of the best parts about getting married, or more so, planning a wedding, is the honeymoon. My husband planned the entire thing by himself, I just gave him feedback on what I did and didn’t want to do. We chose Hawaii because I need beach, exotic, romantic and umbrella drinks and he needs activities, variety and fun. It was the perfect mix for our personalities.

Though this was our first real vacation together in our relationship history (10 years!) we had some lessons to learn. I need way more sleep, downtime and quiet than one “should” need on vacation in H’s family. He needs more of a diverse set of activities and entertainment than my family would ever want on vacation. Add to that mix a cranky me (wedding hangover?) and stressed him (too much scheduled) and pouring rain, and you have a recipe for unhappiness.

While my honeymoon wasn’t everything I’d hoped for – the downtime to just be together, the romance, the good food (aspht) were kind of lacking – we still had an amazing time. And it was a unique experience only we could’ve had. And now I’m excited to go back again to really dig into the best parts of the islands. And even excited to go on vacation together again – knowing better what we both need and want from the time away.

You can read the posts I put up during our travels here: Hawaii


For the month of November, I write each day about something I’m grateful for and call it Grateful Season. It’s my way of reviewing the amazing year I’ve had and helps me focus on blogging during the crazy holiday season uptick. Feel free to join me – just make sure you let me know!

Back Home

We’re finally home.

After 20 days away, 6 plane rides, 5 different location stays, 4 rental cars, sunburn, drinking, friends, alone time and love, our wedding and honeymoon are over.

Relief outweighs sadness. Though going back to work tomorrow will be tough, I am looking forward to gaining back a routine that is our life *not* tinged with the underlying panic / excitement of wedding planning. Where those extra hours in a week are there for movie watching, grilling, friends, reading, organizing and exploring our city.

This morning we stumbled off the red-eye, got our bags, taxied it to our friend’s house to pick up the dog, unpacked and ran laundry, gave the dog a bath, went out for breakfast, napped, watched TV, read a book, and food shopped. After frozen pizza and a beer, an organizing whim took me over and I reorganized all of our toiletries and the medicine cabinet. I want to go through my clothing next, but I’d say that’s enough for one day back.

I would like to write about the wedding in all its fabulousness, the ups and downs of the honeymoon, my plans for August, our bigger plans for the future, whatever feelings are coming up about being married and a wife (seriously, eek) and what I’ve been reading and plan to read before September.

But right now, we’re all exhausted.


Looking forward to a cuddle and nice long night of sleep in my own bed this evening.


Now This is a Honeymoon

It’s been a few days – and those days have been up and down. In retrospect, Maui was awesome, despite the Road to Hana being a mess for us. More on that another time.

We flew from Maui to Kauai 4 days ago. We knew our 2nd condo stop wouldn’t be as glamorous, but it was pretty much crap. I mean, it was good enough, but between the odd space, the loud children and the crazy roosters, it wasn’t much fun. Add to that a tropical depression that dumped more rain on us than we could handle, and we were done. (This “resort” also didn’t have wifi, hence my absence)

So this morning we packed up and high-tailed it out of there for the south shore. We’re staying at Koa Kea and as soon as we walked into the lobby, I knew this would be heaven. Full on resort stay. Customer service, drinks by the pool, lounge chairs at the ocean. Amazing.

It took us less than 5hrs of ocean-side-sitting before we tallied up some numbers and decided to extend our stay an extra day. Because, people, this is honeymooning.

Thank the lord.

Snorkeling – Maui

This view isn’t getting old anytime soon. I wrote my morning pages and ate breakfast out on the patio as planned. We didn’t have anything specific planned for today, so H decided we’d drive to south Maui and go snorkeling.

Now, I’ve never been snorkeling but I like the idea of it. I love fish and I love the ocean, so it should be instant love. However, last year H and I were caught in a rip right at our local beach (near the Venice Beach pier). Having no idea what was happening, of course I panicked, and a life guard came to my rescue. It was scary shit.

So when today’s first snorkel location looked like this, I wasn’t pleased:

My inability to calm my racing nerves, the pull of the tide, the waves breaking over these rocks and H’s insistence that I would be fine made this morning’s adventure not fun at all. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with H – that he was rushing me, pressuring me to move on to the next thing and pack in as much as possible. I was tired from our trip and looking forward to a relaxing first full day on vacation.

It took a car ride nap and a small discussion to sort things out.

Soon after, we found a beach near mile marker 14 that is not recommended by our guide book, but was a great place for me to acclimate to the snorkeling part of the swimming activity. It was splendid.

And once I did that, I felt ready enough to try Honolua Bay, which we did this afternoon. No pics of that though, since we’re paranoid people will steal our stuff.

Can’t wait to snorkel again.

Our Honeymoon Room

This is where I’ll be eating breakfast for the next 5 days.

The water is a pristine blue, like you can hear water ringing on crystal glass.

How am I ever going to leave my patio, let alone this island?!

Maui Kai

We made it to Maui, Hawaii and it’s as awesome as we hoped. We’re staying at Maui Kai Condos, which are 10 feet from the ocean. Right now as I type, our floor to ceiling sliding doors are open and the waves are crashing away. What a freakin’ fantastic place to spend a honeymoon.

H did an amazing job planning our trip. Our flight was perfect & easy, a friend is watching Carter Cash, we seemed to pack all we needed, the rental car was easy and we’ve already explored some. Today we hit the Nakalele Blowhole and Olivine Pools. Since we set out later in the afternoon after our initial arrival, most trails and locations were empty. It was unnerving being at the pools without anyone else and as the sun was setting. We drove home just in time.

We ate in downtown Lahaina but the food wasn’t anything to speak highly of. I’m going to try and post more, but right now, we’re headed to bed.


Honeymoon Planning

Tonight we went to The Counter for burgers and honeymoon planning. We’re visiting Maui and Kaui, and because all of the wedding stuff eats up our mental energy, I’m not even sure we really understand we’re going to Hawaii in less than a month. If yesterday’s day off from work felt like a god-send, I can just imagine what 10 days in Hawaii will feel like.

And I can’t wait.