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day 18: looking down

Sundays are for staying out until 3am and wolfing down a McDonald’s cheeseburger (pickles included) in the car ride home. Sleeping in until 11am and then lounging some more. Going through my friend’s photo albums, seeing her mom’s wedding photos from the 80s. Drinking two cups of chai latte and almost being convinced H and I need a Keurig. Eating fried eggs sandwiches outside on their back deck, which is so high off the ground, you feel like you’re in a tree house. Walking with friends and their super cute dog Meeka. Going out for chinese food, which included lots of leftovers and lots of driving. Watching the lush greenery of August wiz by in the car windows – and still pining for the fall season. And packing up my bags, leaving their house in the suburbs tomorrow for work in the city.

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Meeka the Monkey

Usually I try and post a pic of my pup on Saturdays, but in honor of my friend moving on this week, here’s a gorgeous portrait of her dog Meeka! Affectionately called Monkey, I used to baby-sit her a few summers ago when Liz changed jobs. Meeka and Carter are bestest friends, and while I’ll see Liz when I visit Boston for work, I am sad that Meeka and Carter won’t have anymore play-dates.

Gonna miss this little shark-tooth…and her momma.

Sundays Are For (Week 3)

I had to work both days this weekend. Even though I’m exhausted from the schmoozing, I tried to make the best of it…

Pulled out all I could find in the fridge, and threw together this little bfast for H and I. Did I mention it’s so hot over here I can’t stop drinking ice water?

In an effort to make the drive / work in Burbank bearable, I made lunch plans with Liz (my wedding planner and friend). Lunch was “to go” from my fav local place the Curious Palate.

And no Sunday hang would be complete without the monkey, seen swimming here in all her fabulous glory.

Despite the heat and work, this weekend was pretty fun. My energy levels are good, though I am feeling quite tired now and it’s not even 9pm. Usually I can flex my work hours, but I already booked out the week. Regretting that.

Hoping I can find a day soon that I can call all my own.