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day 19: white

Back to Boston, for work, staying at my favorite hotel. Today was full of meetings that probably won’t pan out into anything. We hit a bunch of traffic this morning and I never really ate breakfast. Got to have dinner with the friend I visited all weekend (one of my bridesmaids / our wedding planner) and our other college roommate (who officiated the ceremony). Great conversation that went by too quickly. Lots of sushi consumed.

Tomorrow is one big long meeting, as is Wednesday. Not really looking forward to it at all. I figure I’ll just show up, be myself and see how things go. And pray there’s an endless supply of tea.

For some reason H thinks it’s a good idea to pursue concrete house-hunting when I’m not physically in Los Angeles. We’ve had our realtor send over an offer, but 8hrs after the fact, I don’t want to print and sign it. In fact, I want a new relator. And to put this whole house thing on hold.

Because of the time change, I can’t discuss any of this with him for another hour, so I’ll just enjoy some Piano Concerti on Pandora and a hot shower in the best hotel ever.

Fingers crossed I get a run in along the Charles tomorrow since I missed the opportunity this evening. 

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Resting Up

It is silly for me to think that after 6 days of stressful, jam-packed events and schmoozing, that one day off would re-energize me.

It didn’t.

The truth is, I was kind of frustrated with myself when I didn’t feel positive yesterday or really couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Because, I mean, why does anyone even need ro rest? What does it say about me if I can’t rally?

But I worked around it – and somewhere during the 4 hrs (torture) of conference calls today, I started to feel better. Once I ate lunch and got some tea into me, I felt even better. And since then I haven’t been able to stop working through a small To Do list.

But I’m also promising myself that after this post, I’m going to lounge on the couch, read Bossypants with the Flyers vs Rangers game on the background and eat the left-over dinner my sister is cooking up.

Oh, and that’s us in the photo above. We’re too cool for school, obvi.

Technology is Great But…

Today was another day of video conferencing – this time starting at 5:30AM my time. No fun. Somehow it was better and worse than last week.

So we started off with a walk at 5am. The sun wasn’t out yet, but there was lots of light. Streets were deserted, we didn’t see another person walking and the only car appeared around 5:30am. All the houses were dark save a few, even the sprinklers were few and far between. As we walked I enjoyed the quiet, letting it sink into my brain to buoy me for the long day of noise and interactions ahead. The crows stood on their roof-top perches, calling us out, and the birds started before we got back home.

After a few hours of torturous video chatting using GoMtg (last week’s fail was Skype) a colleague suggested we use Gchat Video and it was an enormous improvement. It’ll be my go to video conferencing service from now on. Despite that, I had to sit on the floor, connected to ethernet, and it was super hard to pay attention. I’m really grateful I didn’t have to get on a plane for work 4 weeks before my wedding, but next year, I’ll be flying in for this shin-dig. It was too annoying / tiring to not just physically show up.

Carter Cash thought so too:

Despite all of this, I’m really proud. I’ve done a lot in the past few days both for work and the wedding. I have to run a workshop this evening, so I made sure to take a nap this afternoon to catch up. I’m feeling good and glad I have time to capture it here.

Meetings are Painful

Meetings are painful. If I’m ever in charge… boy oh boy.

I really love Merlin Mann and the podcast he does with Dan Benjamin called Back To Work. I alternate between old and new episodes. Eventually, it’ll meet in the middle.

Back To Work makes me want to do great work, make time for great work, and execute ideas. As Seth Godin says – it makes me want to “ship“.

And after a few days of skype meetings, I can’t tell you how much I need this type of support in the form of a podcast.

In other news, my energy is back after a few days of sluggishness. Even a 4 hour meeting couldn’t kill it.