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Powering Down

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’m super grateful for this space and for you, dear reader. And I find the holiday season sweeps me up and carries me into it’s darker, festive days.

So, I’m going to power-down this space for the next few weeks in order to finish up work, enjoy time with my family and gear up for the new year.

Here are a few things I have going on:

– Moving this blog over to it’s own URL, hosting and tweaking a new layout. It’s going to be all sorts of revamped (I hope).

– Napping. A lot. Sometimes I just need more rest than other months.

– Hosting Christmas at our place, for my family, for the first time ever.

– Enjoying having my husband, parents and siblings all together on Christmas morning for the first time in the 12 years H and I have been together.

– Promoting a big work event (the one that usually steamrolls me in January) and trying not to lose my shit.

– Writing Christmas cards. Shopping for gifts online. Panicking ever so slightly we won’t have it all done in time.

– Celebrating my sister and good friend’s birthdays.

– Going to the movies! I’ve seen Gone Girl, Interstellar, Nightcrawler, Hunger Games and Exodus in the past 2 months.

– Scrapbooking, aka putting words and pictures together on paper.

– Savoring time with H, walks with Carter Cash and coffee dates with friends.

– Generally feeling great about life and the awesomeness of 2014.

– Working my way through the Unraveling 2015 workbook. Get yours here.

Cheers to your holiday and a happy new year to you! xo

#30daysofdresses – day 6

This heat wave is no bueno. It’s making wearing dresses hard. Like I said – I just want to be in shorts + tank tops, but I’m figuring it out.

This dress from is my go to for hot, hot heat. It’s short, light-weight and doesn’t require a bra. TMI, I know – but if it’s so hot there’s a chance of boob sweat, I’m looking for any chance to lessen the layers I’m wearing.

Saturday afternoon, we grabbed sushi at Whole Foods and drove to a park for lunch. Even in the shade, it felt sweltering, my eyes were red from the dryness. Ugh. We ate lunch and Carter got some more time outside. The dress + flip flops served me well.

Later that night, we bought tickets to see Gone Girl (Side note: hated the book so much, I quit 20 pages in, but the trailer looked good & H wanted to see it. I love Ben Affleck’s movies lately and Carrie Coon is my newest girl crush, and was absolutely my favorite part of the movie). I knew the movie theater would be chilly, so I upped the dress with my (apparently) favorite boots and gold sweater.

I’ve had this sweater a long time. I don’t think H likes it much, but I’m glad I kept it. It falls right into this season’s mustard yellow / gold coming back, not to mention the over-sized sweater + dress look. And it worked for the heat and the day. Good enough.

Dress is RipCurl, sweater from JCrew outlet (10+ years ago?) and my necklace is a feather from Liz Lamoreux.


This week I felt back on track.

I did work, hung out at home, watched season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, went running and ate healthier. I took Monday off, which was much needed. We went to the climbing gym & guys, Kal Drogo aka Jason Momoa works out at my climbing gym! (What a beautiful, beautiful man. Even H was staring.) I co-worked with my friend Billye and swam in her pool. Overall, it was a good week – quiet, productive, and pretty drama free.

I am looking for book recommendations, always. While chatting with my friend Chelsea (a big reader like me) she suggested I check out your summer reading list on the TedBlog. If YOU have suggestions for ME – would love to hear about them in the comments!

You can’t do your job well if your job is all do, from the Artifact Uprising blog. Love this blog. And can I just say, with T-10 days to go until our epic Alaska trip, I am already pinning over the AU book(s) I plan to make from our vacation photos.

But I didn’t pay for beans and water. I paid for the experience, the story, the instagram photo and to satiate my curiosity.

Pricing + marketing by Ari: $12 cup of coffee experience.

Saw Wish I Was Here last weekend. I loved Garden State, and while this movie wasn’t that good, I did enjoy it. And Zach Braff isn’t hard to look out, mmhhh. And yay for movies that have soundtracks, especially ones that include the Bon Iver song in the video below. Which, by the way, was filmed in Iceland but I like to pretend this song is on my mind right now b/c ALASKA.

Oh gosh, and this video made me tear up with how magical it is: Roadtrippers’ time-lapse of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

And to continue on the teary-eyes: This little story of a guy racing his dad’s ghost in the machine of his Xbox hit me pretty hard.

If you missed it, my post about Support got a lot of shares last week. And THANK YOU x10 for reading. I’m writing for you. xo

The Great Gatsby

Forgot to include this in my recent obsessions last week, but OMG if I am not obsessed with the newest Great Gatsby movie. We saw it a few weeks ago, back when I wasn’t feeling so hot. Of course, the doomed love story didn’t help my mood.

The costumes, the set design, the acting and the music. I loved it all.

And there’s something so heartbreaking about Gatsby’s love, his obsession with Daisy, and his inability to let the past go.

I am a die-hard Leo DiCaprio fan, and am continually impressed with the roles he’s taken on recently. But this one, Gatsby, was a throw back to his Romeo and Juliet days. The unadulterated  naive and pristine love Gatsby has for Daisy… it’s devastating.

So I wanted to share this Lana Del Rey song from the soundtrack and the movie… because putting this on repeat gets me as close to that emo-teenage girl we’ve all been sometime in our past.

This article from the Village Voice blog – Lana Del Rey’s ‘Great Gatsby’ Greatness: Maybe Her Second Act Actually Doesn’t Suck – sums it up for me.

For good measure: did you see the Tiffany Jazz Age collection?! I even tried one on… eek!

Sundays Are For (Week 23)

Family potluck dinner at a friend’s house and a screening of Three Amigos via projector in the back yard. First of the season. I hadn’t seen the movie before, but it is very funny.

It’s just so awesome to get together with friends, eat, drink and be merry. The chatter of work, weddings, jobs, dating, house buying, going gluten-free, going sugar-free, how much we love our dogs and what to do for H’s birthday this weekend – it made for a very full, very loved evening.

And I give you, the song H is always playing from the movie in the clip below…

Weekend Away




We went up to Ojai, CA this weekend for a wedding. Even though Ojai is only 90min north of Los Angeles, we decided to go up on Friday and spend the extra night away from home.

This turned out to be a perfect idea.

Not only did we need the change of scenery and time together, but our little adventure was so much fun. It was relaxing, easy-going, and really just fun. While our honeymoon was jam-packed with craziness, this weekend was more inline with how I believe we should vacation: pick a few things we want to do, and then wander.

-Drive up to Ojai from Malibu, CA. Gorgeous drive up the coast.
-Check into adorable hotel. We stayed at the Capri Hotel. I didn’t snap a photo, but our room is pictured above. Friends who also stayed thought it wasn’t great, but I loved it. The only issue was super thin walls (and the obnoxious kid next door). We had room 108, which the manager said is he favorite.
-Nap for a bit. Kiss for a bit. Lounge.
-Head out for dinner. We walked the main street (less than 1 mile long) and chose to eat at the Ojai Pizza place. It was clearly a local joint. I don’t recommend. For what we ate and paid, it wasn’t worth it. But we weren’t interested in a fancier dinner being on a budget, so it worked fine for us.
-Eat a oreo ice cream
-Go back to the room and pick out a movie. Try the hot tub first. It is luke warm at best. We last no more than 8 minutes in it and go back to the room. I brew chamomile tea.
-Watch Alien, the 1979 science-fiction horror film on VHS. When H realizes he has to rewind the tape, he has a weird momentary flash-back to being in middle school. It’s been on my mind to watch this entire trilogy and low and behold, the hotel had a copy.

So for the extra $200 to be there a day early, eat crappy local pizza, and watch a movie on VHS, maybe it doesn’t seem like it was worth it – but after having a roommate for the past 5+ months, it was exactly the quality time I needed with H.

-I wanted to hike, but H forgot to pack sneakers (of course). He was exhausted anyways, so we walked into town instead. Ate breakfast at Bonnie Lu’s Country Cafe. Again, nothing remarkable. Certainly not our local joint here in LA. The staff was extremely friendly, but the food was meh. It was so nice to just sit and chat with H about work and his ideas about stuff he’s doing for grad school.
-On the walk back we picked up a card and a toothbrush (I forgot mine). We wandered through a few thrift stores. We wanted to window shop more but walked the wrong way, distracted by another issue, and ended up back at the hotel.
-We stopped by a garage sale that had a super old radio – the kind with dials and warm speaker sounds. It was $110. We didn’t splurge on it, but we definitely contemplated it.
-Back at the hotel, we reviewed the trail maps and headed out to the Old Baldwin Rd trailhead.
-Walked a loop for about an hour. It was slow and easy (again, H didn’t have shoes), kind of boring but better than nothing. Would love to go back and do a ridge hike.
-Back at the hotel again, H naps. I play around on Instagram and try napping, but the noisy kid next door doesn’t stop ALL DAY. It is super overcast or else I could sit by the pool. Finally around 2:30pm it clears and the sun comes out.
-Sit by the pool for 45 min. The sun is strong and the pool area is quiet. Bliss.
-Get ready for the wedding and head over
-Enjoy the wedding, dancing, food and friends.

-We eat breakfast in the lobby – they provide some small items, coffee and tea. I have a hot chocolate.
-Shower, pack up and head out.
-I drive so H can do work in the car
-I am super sleepy. We make good time home and I promptly take a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

It may seem boring but this weekend really was just what I needed. I thrive on quality time with H and easy-going traveling to new places like that. I love to wander, eat, window shop, nap, relax and read. The weekend had everything I could’ve wanted (well, more sun and quiet room, but close enough). Really happy we went.

This Grateful Season – A List

Thankful for:

  • Siblings
  • Husband
  • 3 hour naps
  • Putting myself first
  • Dog parks
  • Leftovers
  • Puppies (young and old)
  • Friends who write amazing emails
  • Friends who take you into their home
  • Friends who make sure you read good books
  • Hot tubs
  • House envy
  • Giving in
  • Asking for help
  • Yarn
  • Books, esp murder mysteries
  • Movies
  • Shirtless Daniel Craig & Ryan Gosling (see previous bullet)
  • 4 day weekends


For the month of November, I write each day about something I’m grateful for and call it Grateful Season. It’s my way of reviewing the amazing year I’ve had and helps me focus on blogging during the crazy holiday season uptick. Feel free to join me – just make sure you let me know!

Movies, Music and Moon

We’ve already had quite a relaxing Saturday. Slept in, took the pup to a dog park and walked through a gorgeous little neighborhood. We went to bed late (2am) as we met friends to see Taken 2 and eat dessert at Cheesecake Factory. Between the wine I had with dinner and the chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, I’m in a slight sugar hangover this morning.

The moon’s void of course and I’m trying to follow suit. Hanging out, reading, not worried about accomplishing anything. It’s a  3-day weekend for me and I left my laptop at work to avoid pressuring myself into doing work (because I never do – I just drive myself mentally crazy about how I should – though the laptop always stays in my bag).

Tonight we are seeing the Black Keys play Staples Center. Tegan and Sara are opening. My head may explode.

{The picture above was taken the same day at this one. Happy weekend!}