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#30daysofdresses – day 27

(Written Monday 10/27/14)

What happens when I have a mocha for Sunday brunch (first latte is weeks), plus watch Walking Dead before bed and then our fire alarm goes off at 4:45am on a Monday morning??


But hey, look, the moon is void all day today, work is lame, and I have new boots. Paired with this cute dress my mom picked up for me at Christmas 2014. Because when I wear black it’s actually black and white in a cute pattern. See also day 15.

Yes – I went out with Jessica on Saturday for one last shopping trip before we again for at least 6 months. On the list: black boots and a jean vest.

Due to some awesome sales, I also picked up burgundy boots from Clarks and black jeans from American Eagle. And braved this huge mall at 1pm on a Saturday. Twas a good thing I spent the previous 24 hours alone in my apartment so I had the energy reserves for that chaos.

People are nuts.

I wanted black boots, but each time I see black boots I think they’re cute and then wish they were brown. Or tan, camel, navy, burgundy or sand colored. Anything but black. It felt like the smart thing to do was to purchase maroon boots — these would go with all of my navy colored clothes and be interesting enough that I could justify spending the money on them. See, style people, I’m learning.

But today, as I write this, I’m wearing the black ones. The fringe detail and the fact that they’re a different matte black is what gets me. So cute. Also, buy one get 25% off at Clarks this weekend AND I had $100 gift card from Christmas (thanks Mom!).

Yes, I hoard gift cards.

Did I mention I buy expensive, well made shoes and then wear them for 8-10 years?? #justifyingthecost

American Eagle was also having an amazing sale of buy one get a second item 50% off. When I put the cute jean vest on the counter, the cashier said, “If you grab any other item under $50 and not on clearance, it’ll be 50% off.”

“Fifty?” I repeated.

“Fifty” she nodded her head.

“I can do that,” I said, and took off looking for something I needed. Maroon boots? Check. Hoodie? Check. Cute dress with little flower print? Check and check.

But what do I love at AE if not their jeans… and after Jess asked if I owned a black pair of jeans (I did not), it was as simple as pulling my size and trying them on quickly in a dressing room.

(Also, their stores do not have mirrors anymore expect in the dressing rooms, where the mirrors are 11feet tall and 4feet wide. WTF?)

That’s it for my shopping on a Saturday story. If you’re about over this challenge just like I am, watch this video of Shoshana, the character on Girls who makes me laugh out loud every episode, and then re-read this post as if it’s her voice saying it. Today marks T-3 dresses weeeeeee!


This weekend, I went on a little shopping trip with Jess of Hell Or High Fashion. I learned so much during the first time we went out. What I learned made shopping for myself much easier. Everything I bought during that original trip felt like such a refresher, I haven’t been gunning for new clothes in a while.

I’ve been in love with my closet ever since.

But as the seasons have changed, I wanted to add a few things (romper, jean vest, mustard everything) to my closet and so I hired Jess for a quick trip this weekend. She did not disappoint.

We shopped at Forever 21 and H&M, and I left with enough pieces to reinvigorate my wardrobe for the next 6 months.

Back at home, I thought I would go through and pull out a few things to donate – new stuff in, old stuff out. But it seemed that adding in these new clothes created two problems:
1. I fell in love with all of my clothes again and
2. I suddenly felt like I had too much clothing

One of the benefits of doing the closet consultation with Jess in Feb ’13 was that I got rid of many things that clouded my wardrobe vision. In fact, I don’t think I even had a vision and I certainly didn’t know how to shop for my personal style. Example: before Jess’ help, I had 5 ill-fitting pairs of jeans I would guiltily avoid while wearing the same perfect-fitting pair of jeans every day forever. Getting styled gave me permission to ditch the old / ill-fitting pants and just live in the one to two pairs that I loved.

But, back to Sunday. I found that I had many a clothing item in my closet and dresser. In fact, I pulled out all of my dresses and counted.


Somehow I went from someone who, pre-styled, wasn’t sure if she liked dresses, to acquiring a large stack of them in under 2 years.

On top of that, I was reading about Elise’s attempt at a capsule wardrobe and remembering the tiny house doc we watched, and I suddenly didn’t feel so good.

Had I over-shopped? Should I have purchased one amazing pair of jeans instead of the 3 dresses or 4 shirts I picked up? Did I need to donate stuff I still loved just to make room for the new?

It was too much at the time, so in that moment, I gave up, and instead of organizing my clothes, I cleaned the living room and set up our October decorations. Much better use of my energy.

But I still wanted to do something to feel better about the (what felt like) immense amount of clothing I now owned.

As I wore a new dress to work on Monday and then again yesterday, I thought about the number of dresses I had… and then the idea for a small personal challenge popped into my head.


The rules are simple – I plan to wear one dress per day for the month of October without duplication. I’m pre-posting, so I’ll be a few days ahead of schedule (as of right now, 3 days to be exact). And I plan to share some little story or vibe about each day/dress.

And we’ll see how it goes.


Out With The Old, In With The New

For my 29th birthday last week I gift myself the help of a stylist. I met Jess through her boyfriend, an awesome songwriter named Hughie. (Video of him here) Her dream is to style bands, and she’s already built a great credit list. When she and I met a month ago for coffee, I asked her what she could do for little ol’ me. Turns out, she does “closet consultations” and “shopping trips” for just about anyone. We talked dates and fees, and before I knew it, she was in my bedroom helping me sort through and donate 7+ years worth of clothing.

On Saturday, we spent  almost 2 hours going through everything I had in my closet and dresser. She kept a running list of what I had to mix and match and what I needed. And then we headed to Ann Taylor LOFT for a bit of shopping. Nabbed a couple of basics and one dress that, when I put it on, it made me so happy I almost cried. Amazing.

We ran out of time Saturday, so Sunday it was round two. We were at the mall when it opened and spent most of our time methodically shopping through Forever 21. Now, I haven’t shopped in a long time, but I am sort of a hater when it comes to crap clothing. BUT after shopping with Jess, I see the value (low price, trendy fashion) of a place like Forever 21 (…when it comes to style. when it comes to sustainability, I am going to keep my mouth shut).

She and I found some awesome pieces, including a blue faux leather jacket, a hot-hot midnight blue dress (date night!) and finally a pair of colored jeans (green, of course). And then the kicker, I bought 8 dresses! EIGHT.

My wardrobe is completely revamped. I am in love. I’ve only had a chance to wear one outfit (today’s) but I can’t wait to wear everything.

To top it all off, today I received a “cheat sheet” email from Jess detailing outfit options, what I can wear with what, and future things I may want to buy. It was the perfect gift for myself to (be)come into my own in this 29th year. As Hughie would say: BOOM.

You can find tons of style tips on her blog Hell or High Fashion (whose name I just adore).

Planes Landing

You can see them off in the distance, bright stars floating on the horizon. Then, the air starts to feel different in your ears, with the high pitch sounds reaching you first. Sound feels sucked out and empty, there’s so much high-end, and then the jet engines start thrumming. You can feel the massive weight of the plane vibrate your chest, and suddenly, it’s overhead. The lights flash above you, the jet fuel leaves a trail of exhaust, and it’s beyond your site, landing on the runway at the airport.

When you’re not planning a wedding, you find yourself with ample amounts of time to… go for a run, wash dishes, take photographs, cook breakfast, call your sister, work a full day, brainstorm in a journal, go shopping for new clothes, eat In&Out and watch airplanes land.

Tonight’s adventure was spontaneous and it was awesome.


…In With The New

These are my old Kayano-17s. I’ve been running in them since November, purchased after I had the first running injury of my quiet little running hobby. It was no fun. In fact, it was the start of my weight gain and by weight gain, I mean being completely and utterly out of shape.

These puppies are completely beat up, yet if I didn’t need the extra cushioning run that they provide, I could probably get another month out of them. Still, 6 months should be the marker. I’ve been running more the past 2 months and did a few hikes. After my neck started to twinge and my knees ached, it was time.

(Thank you tax refund and Road Runner Sports VIP discounts)

These beauties are the new ones. Asics Kayano-18s and in PINK and BLACK. Not normally my colors, but they looked so rad, I couldn’t pass them up.

Today was my first run in them, and while I was slogging, they were rock solid. My feet, knees, and neck were grateful. Excited to get another run in this weekend.