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day 13: home


This is H’s last full week of summer break. He goes back full-time while I’m traveling for work. Lame-o. So we’ve been savoring this last week home – going for a picnic lunch, binge-watching the rest of Battlestar Galactica, grilling and sleeping.

I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been to have him home. The school year is so demanding, especially with him also giving nights to grad school and other work obligations. I could feel the switch flip July 4th weekend. We’d come back to each other after months of busyness with work and friends.

September’s transition back into the reality of the school year, away from the summer days and having H home, is always tough for me… but I am hopeful that each August I learn a better way – and can do better at enjoying my life – until H surfaces from all of his commitments Thanksgiving weekend.

– – –

Those flowers are a bouquet my sister left for us after dog/house sitting over a week ago. They are awesome.
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Tweet Tuesday – Byron Katie #2

I should tattoo this on my face.

Or, I guess, on my arm where I’ll see it. Y’know, like when you were in High School and it was cool to write things on your skin. Notes, phone numbers, little doodles. Do kids still do that or do they just dump the info into their smart phone?

I still do it, usually before bed, and I use a sharpie to make sure the message isn’t lost between my morning shower and my office arrival. So then, I guess the quote above would work.

Speaking of, my little sister just got her first tattoo – rib cage – song lyric from her fav The Fray. Now I’m the only sib without a tat. Not sure how I feel about that, but being that her tattoo serves as a reminder, it fits in my blog post. Also, I’m suffering from a major pms headache and this is about all the blogging I can do before I head to bed.


(Byron Katie Tweet Tuesday #1)

This Grateful Season – Rick

Rick, Ricky, Ricardo, Ricky-tickey-timbo – the pet name my sister and I use for each other. I read somewhere once that the names we use for people denote their significance in our lives – and that our use of the exact same nickname for each other (our family sometimes refers to us collectively as “the ricks”) is a testament to how close we really are.

People mistake us for twins, even though she’s almost 4 yrs younger than me. We had our annoyances growing up, but ever since she was 12 and I was 15, we’ve been inseparable. There’s not much else I can say in a short time that can cover it. We don’t go more than 2 days without talking, I lean on her as much as she leans on me, and she’s one of the only people that accepts me 100%.

She’s my favorite person in the whole world.