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Sundays Are For (Week 31)


Yesterday, I told H that, even if he hasn’t meant to do it on purpose, I see that he’s making our home life (and his personal time) as much of a priority as he can. Work is crazy this year for him – he’s teaching multiple classes, one of which he’s never taught before. He’s planning on the fly, during prep periods and before school starts, and also still attending grad school classes one night a week. While he’s super Type-B, you could not find a more diligent and organized teacher, so this whole schedule is a major upheaval for him.

I see his exhaustion and his determination to just grade one.more.class… and I’m doing what I can to help. So far, I think this is the best back-to-school transition we’ve had, but that may have more to do with my own self-care and less to do with how it’s really going for H.

But I also think it’s his intention to, as he put it, “have a real life” that is creating a bit of relationship reserve for us to draw on as the busy weekdays go by. Last week he brought the vacuum in to be fixed, helped me clean the apartment and continues to cook a few meals (omelets on the weekends and that delish chicken dinner this evening – above) I appreciate the attention and support, and I make sure to tell him so.

This morning we took the dog down to the beach path, grabbed hot drinks and sat on the sand for a bit. H graded and I journaled. It was H’s idea, and I know it’s because he’s trying to include me in his time, and make sure we’re relaxing some, even though he’s so busy.

H is grading yet another stack of papers with Carter Cash laying in his lap, and I’m here writing to you. I think we plan on splitting a small apple pie and watching some Breaking Bad before an early bedtime. (No BB spoilers, we just started Season 1!)

Hope you had a good weekend and will get some sleep too xo

Sundays Are For (Week 30)

Starting Week In The Life, creating an insert for my One Little Word class, slow-cooking sausage and peppers, eating chili cheese dip, hanging with my sister who came over to watch the Giants’ game (they lost). A trip to the dog park where I felt good and then breaking the vacuum somehow battling the fleas, and having a meltdown. Taking a hot shower and relaxing. Feeling insane and then so good. Walking outside in jeans, feeling the breeze and no more heat wave. Being thankful for H and his calm, for his new skill of making us omelets, for chai tea and saying ‘no thanks’ to alcoholic beverages. For getting enough sleep but still being so sleepy. For Amazon video so we can finish season 1 of Homeland and cookie dough ice cream and creating. For days off and weekends and life.

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day 18: looking down

Sundays are for staying out until 3am and wolfing down a McDonald’s cheeseburger (pickles included) in the car ride home. Sleeping in until 11am and then lounging some more. Going through my friend’s photo albums, seeing her mom’s wedding photos from the 80s. Drinking two cups of chai latte and almost being convinced H and I need a Keurig. Eating fried eggs sandwiches outside on their back deck, which is so high off the ground, you feel like you’re in a tree house. Walking with friends and their super cute dog Meeka. Going out for chinese food, which included lots of leftovers and lots of driving. Watching the lush greenery of August wiz by in the car windows – and still pining for the fall season. And packing up my bags, leaving their house in the suburbs tomorrow for work in the city.

– – –

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day 11: play





And an easy Sundays Are For post – 3m run alone, playing Bejeweled on the iPad non-stop, biking to the beach with my sister, listening to a podcast, reading a book and grilling steaks.

Yesterday I did a lot more than I think I did, because I spent all of the day in the house, lounging. Got some computer work done – backed up my laptop, downloaded and organized Big Picture Classes materials, bought ink at Staples, and cooked dinner for us (my sister was over too). We all went out for fro-yo at Yogurtland (my fav) and then I stayed up a tad too late.

It’s been a really good weekend. I’m looking forward to this week being quiet before I head to the East Coast again for a work trip. I need as much downtime / quiet as possible. And a haircut.

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Sundays Are For (Week 27)




Today was an up & down, moon void-of-course type of day.

We slept in late because we were out late – our friends had a big house-warming party last night. Once up, we decided to drive down to the marina to walk Carter. It’s been cold & gray, like June gloom in July. I’ll take it though. I don’t know why, but I am pining for fall and the holidays, so being able to wear jeans and a scarf this afternoon made me extra happy.

We walked the marina and a little shopping center. Brought Carter down onto this dock and saw this gorgeous bird, though I don’t know what he is. He was a brave one though, letting me getting super close to snap a photo of him.

On the way home, we went to Jamba Juice, and then I spent an hour doing yoga. Loving it so much.

We watched Battlestar Galactica, ate lunch, took showers and decided to head out for lattes. Ended up at my fav place, but Carter didn’t feel well, and his continuous coughing up fluid made it extremely annoying to sit at the coffee shop. So with coffees to go and a quick stop by Trader Joe’s, we were on our way back home.

The dinner plan was grilled carne asada, but because this day has been all about foiled plans, the gas grill wasn’t working. Dinner turn out fine, but not as amazing as I’d hoped.

H started his work vacation. It’s been a nice weekend, having him home. He’ll be around all week, which frees me up to go running alone and put some good time in at the office. Hope your weekend was enjoyable too xo

Sundays Are For (Week 26)

A beach day, in Hermosa, with friends. Metered parking and paid lots. H willing to drive around to find parking. Missing the traffic on both ends, somehow. Citron vodka out of a flask, daiquiri frozen packets and beer. Lots of random food. T had apples. G had snickerdoodles we all thought was cake mix in the box. Tossing the frisbee and our feet burning in the white-hot sand. The breeze off the ocean and calm. The waves crashing on the shore. My sister dancing on me with her saggy bathing suit bottom. Hysterical laughter. And iPhone sitting in a Solo cup, acting as a speaker. Standing in the water, letting the waves rush around our ankles, our feet sinking into the squishy sand as S spoke about her life. We needed a catch up.

Dipping my head under the waves, the feeling of being cleansed by the cold salt water. Summer.

The camaraderie, the community feeling about the day. Check another item off my Summer Manifesto. I love my friends so much. Each person’s unique way of being, their talents and voices. I am one of my best selves when around them. My body relaxes, my mind quiets down. They’ve got it all covered and just need me to be, like what the ocean asks of me. To just be there with it, the rolling in and out, the tide changing, the pelicans sailing on their lofty wings.

Sundays Are For (Week 25)




Today we were tired / hungover enough from our adventures yesterday at an all-you-can-drink mimosa brunch we were unsure what to do with our time. We thought movies, naps, straighten up… and then H suggested we try Ashley’s furniture just one more time to update the living room.

I’ve wanted to update the apartment for almost a year now. And after the pain in the ass searches of almost buying a house last month (so frustrating, I didn’t even write about it) now I’m even more driven to redecorate and clean up our apartment while we wait out the housing market bubble.

Getting H on board was hit and miss. But finally today, we pulled the trigger. We purchased the set in the second photo, to be delivered later this week. Then H spent a good chunk of the evening moving the TV / shelving / cables to another part of the room. It felt like a disaster for a moment with the carpet pad getting ripped and stuck, but H figured it out.

In between we went out for sushi and took a nap. All in all it was a productive Sunday. The new layout of the living room is a huge improvement even with our old furniture (which I’m hoping to dump this week!). And I plan on deep cleaning and repainting the space over the next two weeks.

Woo! How was your weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments ❤

Sundays Are For (Week 24)




Sleeping in 3 hours past weekday wake-ups, but still up before 9AM. A trip to the dog park for Carter Cash while I sit in the car talking to my mom. Brunch at our favorite local joint, where we sit at the counter for the first time. The vat of whipped butter is a surprise and the bustle of the workers is impressive. For $21 we both get french toast, sausage or bacon, two eggs and coffee. Perfection. A quick walk around the farmer’s market and we head home.

Afterwards, I feel cranky. Even though I’ve had  a mug of coffee, I am tired. The past two weeks had been all sorts of odd energy. We planned to ride down to the beach, but instead, I lay down on the couch and fall asleep for two hours.

H does work, straightens up and takes a shower. My nap is blissful and exactly what I needed. Once I’m up again, I have energy to go out.

We ride down to the ocean to find it’s a lot foggier than we expected, almost cold. We find a free bike rack, lock them up, pick up some wine at the store, and head out onto the beach. It’s so relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating. Hands down best way to bring me back to myself. And it reminded me of this Sunday back in September – Sundays Are For (Week 8)

On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a few items (I’ve gotten really back at doing larger grocery runs), showered, and ate frozen pizza. Then I video chatted with a friend in NYC – she used to be my boss before she relocated. She’s awesome & I miss her. It was so smart of us to video chat, her with wine and me with my pizza. WHY didn’t we do this sooner?!

And now it’s the quiet hour, where I eat some strawberries and H studies for a grad school final, and Carter lays on the couch, watching us. Our apartment is a mess and other things are up in the air, but right now, life is awesome.

Happy Sunday to you too xo




Sundays Are For (Week 23)

Family potluck dinner at a friend’s house and a screening of Three Amigos via projector in the back yard. First of the season. I hadn’t seen the movie before, but it is very funny.

It’s just so awesome to get together with friends, eat, drink and be merry. The chatter of work, weddings, jobs, dating, house buying, going gluten-free, going sugar-free, how much we love our dogs and what to do for H’s birthday this weekend – it made for a very full, very loved evening.

And I give you, the song H is always playing from the movie in the clip below…

Sundays Are For (Week 22)


Even though my sister just moved out of our apartment (after 5+ months crashing here) doesn’t mean we don’t want to hang out with each other.

Today was CicLAvia – you can read more on their about page – but the gist is (from their site): CicLAvia makes the streets  safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike.

How awesome is that?

Today’s route ran downtown LA to Venice beach, and since I live along the route, I took part 2x.

My first ride I biked east bound with Carter Cash. This morning, I decided to give him a bath as he’s been itchy and quite stinky (H calls it “dirty sock” smell). But, once he gets a bath, he needs to be outside to dry off. Perfect opportunity to bike him around.

We didn’t go very far, but it was lovely. The street was wide open with only a few bikers out and about. And people definitely smiled when they saw my pup running alongside my beach cruiser.

My sister and I planned a beach day, so this was also perfect timing. We took our bikes with what felt like the rest of LA (it was uber-crowded by noon) down to Venice beach. And there were laid, on the sand, for a few hours. Listening to the ocean, napping, reading, and getting a tan.

What an awesome way to wrap up this week – and really – the last 5 weeks and the last 5 months.

Cheers. xo