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Powering Down

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’m super grateful for this space and for you, dear reader. And I find the holiday season sweeps me up and carries me into it’s darker, festive days.

So, I’m going to power-down this space for the next few weeks in order to finish up work, enjoy time with my family and gear up for the new year.

Here are a few things I have going on:

– Moving this blog over to it’s own URL, hosting and tweaking a new layout. It’s going to be all sorts of revamped (I hope).

– Napping. A lot. Sometimes I just need more rest than other months.

– Hosting Christmas at our place, for my family, for the first time ever.

– Enjoying having my husband, parents and siblings all together on Christmas morning for the first time in the 12 years H and I have been together.

– Promoting a big work event (the one that usually steamrolls me in January) and trying not to lose my shit.

– Writing Christmas cards. Shopping for gifts online. Panicking ever so slightly we won’t have it all done in time.

– Celebrating my sister and good friend’s birthdays.

– Going to the movies! I’ve seen Gone Girl, Interstellar, Nightcrawler, Hunger Games and Exodus in the past 2 months.

– Scrapbooking, aka putting words and pictures together on paper.

– Savoring time with H, walks with Carter Cash and coffee dates with friends.

– Generally feeling great about life and the awesomeness of 2014.

– Working my way through the Unraveling 2015 workbook. Get yours here.

Cheers to your holiday and a happy new year to you! xo

We’re All Job Hunting

Today I had the acute sense that no one cares. Life is one big, selfish love-fest with everyone putting themselves first. This came directly from feeling ignored or shut out multiple times.

Monday was easy for me b/c I had structured, doable tasks for my job, my business and my personal life, but yesterday I lost all momentum. After doing so much the day before, I woke up with that old feeling of dread – that I was supposed to be doing something, but I couldn’t get myself to do anything.

Today was a combination of both. I felt productive and helpless. I tried to explain this mixture of feelings to more than one person and was met with a lack of empathy. Either they thought I was feeling too much or they tried to trump my frustrations with their own. Luckily, it all slid by and didn’t downward spiral, but I’m starting to worry.

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