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Welcoming December

November was a month full of travel – leaving home for work once and fun twice.

December is home-bound all the way.

We got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Joshua Tree yesterday afternoon – driving home in the rain that visited SoCal (gosh, we need it). We spent the later afternoon reading (me) and napping (H & Carter Cash). It was a very active, fun, adventurous weekend. I plan on writing more about it this week.

This morning I welcomed in December with a quick trip to Starbucks to write out all of the swirling ToDos in my head. Getting things down on paper is not only a relief, but also gives me a solid way to keep track of the next thing I want to / need to work on.

The season of red cups, Christmas music and gift-list making is upon us. We have family visiting in T-2.5 weeks and we’re hosting everyone for Christmas, officially, for the first time this year.

After work I am going to pack up the Thanksgiving decorations and pull out the Christmas ones. The weather plus end of daylight savings time has made the evenings dark and long. I think it’s 6pm when it’s only 4pm. I think it’s time for bed around 7pm. We’re asleep most night by 9:30pm, and sleep 8hrs straight. We wake before the sunrise, moving through the dark apartment by 5:30am.

But it’s part of the season, part of the change, part of the flow. I can’t believe we’re in the last month of 2014, I’m holding on to every last bit of it as the days go by.

The photo above is for day 1 of December Reflections, hosted by Susannah Conway. I don’t plan on sharing the photos here in that exact capacity, but feel free to follow / join over on Instagram.

And lastly, a happy 50th birthday to my awesome MIL who embodies the spirit of the (Sagittarius) with her enthusiasm for life. xo


Low Energy

Mailed out a few Christmas gifts today. You’d think being home in LA for the holidays would be relaxing – no plane rides, no long trips, and lots of time at home. But this week before Christmas still feels as hectic as if we’re flying out on Friday on our annual pre-Christmas red eye.

We’re not – and the beautiful goal of 10+ days off starting Friday afternoon is so delicious, I can’t wait. I keep doing what I think is a lot of work and yet, my to do list / stress level isn’t lessening. Today was complete scheduling chaos (thanks to the moon void of course). Things moved around, cancelled, double-booked and generally steam-rolled me from the time I woke up until about 1pm. Then I could finally focus and do work. And hardly did any. I mean, I did work, but it didn’t feel like much at all…

So I sit here now, watching the Jets lose (again) with no major thoughts in my head besides “bath” and “bed” and wondering why I’m even trying to keep my body out of either. I think I’m gonna go start the hot water now. I could use a good soak. And sleep.

Hopefully my energy is back up tomorrow. xo

Let the Holiday Seaon Begin!

Last night I ran a holiday event for work. It was awesome – we had a fabulous group of people show up, all went smoothly and my superiors are happy. On the other hand, it was tiring – talking to that many people, standing in the cold (my hips and feet were so stiff) and working a 12hr day.

Being the first event of the holiday season, it was a nice kick-off. I got to see so many people from the alumni community I oversee and all were in bright moods. I especially loved seeing Krysta who has become one of the coolest people I’ve connected with in 2012. (I wrote about her here) We’re pictured above 🙂

I spent most of the day recovering – events take so much out of me (I’m an INFJ) I did my work, had Starbucks with my sister, went grocery shopping, she’s baking cookies and we’ll make arroz con pollo for dinner. I spent a chunk of the afternoon chatting with my good friend Liz who’s two weeks into her relocation to the East Coast.

None of this is incredibly interesting but it’s my life this week. It’s balancing events and home and anxiety and enjoying friends. It’s the start of the holidays and the end of 2012. It’s me circling and revisiting what matters most – time with people I love, being home and not putting too much weight on the things that don’t matter.

**If you’re looking to review your year in a gorgeous and inspiring way, visit Susannah Conway’s blog for her yearly workbook.