Currently, I’m in Boston for work – busy busy busy – and very much thrown off from my creative self. Haven’t written morning pages in a few days now, had at least one glass of wine per night, and just came off a crazy work day where I’ve been up almost 24hrs.

But I remembered last week I started what I hope is a weekly post called Piqued, in which I share stuff I’m reading online / obsessed with… and a picture of Carter, because CARTER. This pic is from a run we took last Saturday afternoon in which I was too tired and he was too hot – he found a shady spot and laid down, planning not to move for a while. We were still a 1/2 mile from home. :sigh:

Here is what’s up this week:

TomBoatesEverybody is a college friend, who is marrying one of my best friends. He DJ’d my wedding and creates these brilliant mash-ups. I may be his biggest fan, but I don’t know how that works, since I’ve never been a fan of a DJ. He tweeted this mash-up this week and I am obsessed: Turn Fancy For What. Also check out Ludacris.

On the plane ride from LAX to Boston, I listened to this Time And Attention talk by Merlin Mann. It’s probably the second time I’ve listened to it, but it always gives me new things to think about in relationship to how I spend my time, where I focus my attention and if I’m putting energy into solving the right problems.

H and I just binged on three seasons of Game of Thrones (no spoilers!) and it’s invaded our vernacular. We thoroughly enjoy the character of Tyrion Lannister, joke about wanting a direwolf, and I randomly quote the show, mostly by saying “You know nothing Jon Snow”. I have yet to read the books or watch the current season, but this interactive map that accounts for spoilers is pretty fucking cool.

I bought this book, Co-Active Coaching (4th edition), and it’s already giving me new language to articulate the intuitive hits I receive from the world around me. I feel drawn to life coaching and am exploring doing it more – understanding what it really means to coach people and if this could become another job.

And to celebrate – H just had his last day of school & began summer school, where he’s interning as a house principal. Happy summer!