Allowing Myself

…to feel, to love, to be.

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How To Be Alone

Alone. Solitary. Unaccompanied. Lonely.

This is not a blog post of high authority, explaining to you, dear Reader, the merits of alone time and how to thoroughly escape the world at large. I’m no good at being alone, though it seems my batteries only recharge when I have time to do so.

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Diving In

I have a side business ( on top of my regular 9-5, my boyfriend, my dog, long-distance phone calls to my favorite people, exercising and errands… You can see how it’s possible that I love blogging but have yet to carve out a consistent time for it.┬áToday though, I somehow did it all. Well, not ALL, but everything I set out to do. And not even that, but I touched, if ever briefly, on each aspect of my life I currently deem important. I didn’t have a dream day or even a vacation day, but I did have a FULL day.

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Going along with the present reality…

Last week I had plans with a newer friend to meet at the beach for a workout. In typical worrier fashion, I fretted about traffic, parking and what we’d do once there. But in a conscious effort to “have more fun”, I committed to the workout date and told myself to chill out.

A text came in around the time I planned to leave, pushing back our meeting time. I lingered on the couch a bit longer, arguing with my anxiety if I “should just leave now and get there” or wait it out. I left later. Then plans switched back to the original time. Now I was late. Also, I was stuck in horrible traffic (harr-ah-bull Mom’s favorite adjective for traffic). Late + traffic usually equals a pretty stressed out me. But, I had been going with the flow and I was still determined to.

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