Days Like This

by justine

More like weeks like this…

I guess I could’ve seen it coming though, with all those anxious / uppity feelings running through my body at the start of the month. Now, it’s the opposite, but very equal action of down down down, pulling in and collapsing emotionally. But I don’t want to try and spell all of those deeper feelings out word for word tonight. No. Instead, I want to write down a list of the tools I rummaged through and pulled out in the past few days to my own rescue (and surprise):

  • I took a day off. A full day, just for me, which included lots of reading and doggie cuddles.
  • Called friends. Even leaving a voicemail is a relief, a sign to the kid in me that I’m able to handle my shit, reach out and ask for help.
  • Exercised, but without forcing myself to do so.
  • Was honest with someone about how crappy I’m feeling. Was honest with another about needing space.
  • Wrote a “brain dump” which helped relieve the racing thoughts a bit, and gave some perspective on what I really had to work on next.
  • Chose one thing that was bugging me, one doable task, and completed it, start to finish. Today it was work receipts, but it could be anything from cleaning a room, to running a load of laundry, to finishing a book.
  • I gave myself time to create: journaled, blogged, took photos and made valentines.
  • Let myself eat cake and drink lattes, but also listened to my body when it was full.
  • Got sleep. Still could use more of this.
  • Read… a lot. Reading is like a salve for me. It helps so much in my busted brain.

And with all of that, and a grande latte, I’m feeling a shit ton better this evening than I was even 12 hours ago.

In extra happy news, my sister (one of my favorite people in the world, if not my favoritest) received and accepted a job offer. Congrats Ricky!

Last, but not least, I want to start a few repeating topics. Today’s debut? FAVORITE TWEET TUESDAYS. This one in from Erin Michelle (@TheDesignLush):

…because that sums up my love of reading completely.